Fuck it...

Grr their's alot of shit going on right now and I'm so lost.. I don't know what to do anymore.

    Jim (my stepdad) is a complete dick that hates me and my mas don't care.

    My mom is back on coke even though she's lying to me sayings it's just pot.

    I can't be with the one I love cause my mom is making me get with a guy that I only like as a friend..

    I can't get away from any of this shit until December.

    The guy my mom wants me to be with is coming up ASAP cause she told him what was going on.. so now I have to deal with him trying to get in my pants for a week straight not even paying attention the fact that I don't want him and that I'm in love with someone else..

    Any Advice besides just deal with it?

Return of GameGoddess

What's up bitches??? I'm back in town and ready to get things going so let's rock! First off I have a complaint-ish type thing --- I realize people want to get fast points so they can become moderators but I went on the Super Mario Bros. page earlier and I must admit it pissed me off, I was going through the pics and I seen a bunch of duplicates of the front cover of the game and the start up screen, I don't know wether I should delete them or what but yeah idk it just kinda bothers me. Secondly I found a crab shell in my clam chowder, randomness I know but weird either way. So yeah with the bad things of the night gone, I shall continue giant-bombing : ) and I hope to hear from you guys and hope you all are well and fun continuing to do whatever your doing : )


First Officialness

Mmk well I am sick : ( it sucks but the site is up! and that alone makes me happy so i will spend today looking through my new addiction and seeing exactly what I can do here. My name is Amanda I have followed Jeff, Ryan, Brad and Alex through just about everything over the past couple years and kept gaming an active part of my evil hectic life in the process. I live in washington and would love to meet new people that I can game with or if your closer just straight up chill with. So with that said i will start my day at approximatly 12:55. Take care and I'm looking forward to seeing you around the site.