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Ok no I'm not a guy but I'm bi so that should count.. and im going to say the chicks that play video games, I've had a couple ex's that were gamers who were pretty damn fine.. I can't say all gamer chicks are hot but I do know that the concept of a girl liking video games like I do is a major plus, but they can't like games to much cause then they'l care about that games more then you in which case isnt good.... maybe im just not into anime idk. but yeah there you go.

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Haha yeah I went on a rampage about that once

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Oh and I have a GBA just don't have SMB for it : (

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NES yaya! I love it : )

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in my personal opinion a hamburger is not a sammich, i dont eat sammich's hot maybe some people do but you can make a burger a bunch of diferent ways and then you put katsup and relish on it put it on a toasted bun which also warm and you has a hamburger.. so therefore i would say no i dont think a hamburger is a sammich just in the same family as a sammich