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Link here -
What are all your thoughts?
I may buy a Go if this comes out!

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@TwoOneFive said:
" great article. psp2 sounds like its going to be jaw dropping.  "
Yes bring on the power!
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Anyone got any thoughts on this article, do you think they will come out next year?

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Here is the link -
Have a read, very interesting indeed!

Looks like we are in for a treat, what do you think?

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Alone in the dark [360], LOVE IT!
I did not like GTA4!

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@Weltal said:
" Yup "
Cheers mate,  I could not find any info on the net.
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Can you use the  PSP-1000 on the online store to buy games and stuff?

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Microsoft trade in Euros, so it makes good business for then to up the UK price. There are only two entities two blame for this!
Greed, lies, massive country debt and a bloody big bubble  have  shaged the pound big time!

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@Stang said:
" You don't want rrod? Don't turn on your 360.   And I call bs on number 1. I never have my 360 on for more then 2 hours, yet I am on number 4 or 5...I stopped counting, it is depressing. You can't stop rrod, the x clamps are pieces of shit and warp. You can't escape destiny. "
It's just some tips that will maybe help the longevity of the system! I don't think you can totally avoid it, but if it extends it, even by a few months, that's still more time before you have to send it off to the big M!
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Things you can do to avoid the dreaded RROD! 
I treated me first console like crap and I paid the price! But know I use the stuff I have stated below and my box is going strong! One year two months so far!
1 . Play you system for no more then 5 hours at time.
2. If your room is hot, say above 30 C / 86 F do not use for more then 1 to 2 hours
3. If you have HD, load the game onto it.
4. Always have your system in the open. 
5. Never put the console on the floor.
6. Never block or obstruct any of the systems fans.
7. Never leave a CD or DVD or game in the console(it creates some suction when you turn the system back on, which brings lots of dust into the console).
8. Do not use a cooler, even one with external power. Because again the cooler can suck air in when you shut it down, which brings even more dust inside the console!
9. I can't think of much else, so if fellow GB members have any other tips, put them in this post!!