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Thanks guys! I'm going to order this one right away. Good to know the bad guys aren't doing the evil deeds in the name of Islam! :D PS. Muslim is not an ethnicity as some of you may think. There are a lot of blonde, blue eyed Muslims too :D I'm white btw.

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Hello, fellow gamers!

I'm a gamer who happen to be a Muslim. A few years ago I had decided to avoid any type islamophobic games or movies. I'm sick and tired to see Muslims being portrayed ONLY as freedom hating, blood thirsty terrorists. Dehumanization of Muslims has gone on too long and I'm boycotting all that garbage.

I need your help!

Latest Splinter Cell shows Muslim extremist Group as the main antagonists. Is there more to the story or will I be shooting one "evil Muslim" after another in this one?

Thank you.

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1. The Last of Us

2. Uncharted 2

3. Uncharted 3


5. Red Dead Redemption

6. Metal Gear Solid 4

7. FallOut 3

8. Mass Effect 2

9. Assassin´s Creed

10. Gears of War

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Thanks guys!

What if i replay Mass Effect 2 on PS3 is there a way to have Wrex and the council alive?

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Hi, guys! I need your help.

I have finished first 2 Mass Effect games on my 360. Unfortunately I prefer PS3 over 360 and that is why I have bought PS3 version of MS3. At the time I wasn't thinking much so to say. I hear that Wrex and Miranda in the game, however I'm not sure if I will be able to interact with them without a safe file from MS2. I've started the game few days ago and it asked me whom I chose to sacrifice in the first game Kaidan or Ashley. Now I am hoping that there will be similar questions in the game where I will be able point out my my choices from the first to games and thus continue the story of My Shepard.

Am I too optimistic? Please shine some light on the matter.

Thank you.

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Oh I see. Thanks dude.

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Hey, guys! I need to download the new UFC demo but can not do so because of my membership. I was wondering if anyone here has a 48h trial code that they don't need. If you do pm me I would app recite that greatly.

PS. If this is against the rules feel free to delete this topic. Thanks.

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@BionicRadd: You contradicted yourself. You were the one saying that it would be unrealistic to see a fat guy rolling across tables and diving over bars. Like you said this is a video game not real life therefore he can look ridiculous and do unreal things.
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@BionicRadd: Yepp, I train judo with a guy who's fatter than Max is on those pictures but he does summersaults and stuff. Little fat doesn't make one less athletic. Don't be stupid.
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