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Rest in peace Ryan. I've been here since the beginning and will miss your antics. Your Motion Sports "rider meet horse, horse meet rider" quick look will be forever ingrained in my memory.

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Just horrible news. Today would have been perfect for some gut reactions to the conferences.

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This news makes me sad. Very sad.

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Hopefully some news about the Professor Layton game for 3DS.

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That Gamespot green screen set is terrible. I wish they would go back to a real set. Nice to see the story being told as it gives some perspective of how the site worked back then.

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No Grand Theft Auto games. The digital versions of Liberty and Vice City Stories have framerate problems on regular PSP. I was planning to see if a transition to Vita's PSP emulation would alleviate the problem. I was also hoping to play Chinatown Wars as well. Dang. Here's hoping the list gets updated as fast as possible.

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Iran, what the hell.

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The date is going to be pushed back a week for PSN? Thanks a lot cheapos.

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I agree the point about the writing. It seemed most of the writers focused on surface level jokes about video games ie teabagging, the health bar bit. But of course if the writers had written about how Skyrim is broken on PS3, it would fly over the general audience's heads with the exception of the hardcore base. The writers didn't know who they are writing for and is probably why we got Charlie Sheen.

If the VGAs are the Video Music Awards or MTV Movie Awards/Scare equivalent, then what is the Oscar's/Golden Globes video games awards show equivalent? Is it GAME's BAFTA awards? Jeff says traditional shows are boring, but it's what the industry needs to not look juvenile like last night.

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@Cartman86: There are strings.
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