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I'm going to lock this down under our rule against sexually overt content. If you want to discuss porn that's fine, Giant Bomb just isn't the website for it.

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I don't think it's an invalid thing for a site to do to put that kind of barrier up. I know people have called this "elitist" before, and I do think it creates some worrying divides between the "haves" and "have nots" but with the quality of communication on most video game forums I can see why people would say "We respect our users and we need to make their experience better than that". All that being said I only think that works for a certain kind of site and it does not work for this site. Giant Bomb has always tried to be a place that's welcome and opening, and frankly I think it's better this way.

Moderation, at least moderation that doesn't require comment approval in the first place, is not a complete alternative to a paywall. I think both provide a deterrent to bad posts on a site, but in terms of their direct application a paywall is more about preventing bad comments getting there in the first place, whereas a lot of our practical work is about cleaning up the crappy posts after they've already been made and some of the damage has already been done. However, I think as things are, the openness we get from a lack of a paywall is worth that cost, and that a lot of the problem is solved by having enough moderators and taking a diligent stand against people in any way being jerks in discussion areas of the site. While I do also believe that paywalls act as an effective deterrent to an extent, there are still so many people with plenty of cash or dedication to sites like this one who will still make posts that damage discussion or violate the rules. Ultimately I think the big change that needs to happen is the gaming community just sorting outself out a bit more.

Thanks for all the praise for the mod team in here. I don't want anyone to wave away people being jerks or generally unconstructive discussion on this or any other site because I believe these are serious problems that deserve attention, but I think my fellow mods are doing a great job and we do try our best.

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It feels almost impossible to pick because there are so many devs out there who feel like they're at that level of their story just being something to give context and purpose to your actions rather than anything they've put a lot of effort into making engaging.

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I hear people say this quite a lot. I think one problem you can face is that eventually all the AAA games seem to blur together and it becomes a bit mind-numbing. Big blockbuster games can be fantastic, but sometimes you need to find slightly more obscure or experimental stuff. See if you can't go rooting around in the world of niche or independent games for a bit. If that still doesn't sound terribly exciting then just take a break from video games. It's possible to get burned out on doing one activity and with so many hobbies you could have, things you could learn about, and media you could consume I think we benefit from frequently taking a step back from games to do other stuff. I've seen a lot of people who said they were in this position, took a break, and came back enjoying games much more.

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That's not surprising. This is fairly common, it's what they've done before, and it seems fair enough.

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It's kind of clunky and a bit robotically worded. The original point of displaying that content was available next to the logo was so people could catch live events they'd otherwise miss, but premium videos can be found at any time so it feels unnecessarily in your face. I think this is something that's going to get worked out in the near future.

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I think titles like Wii Music mostly fell down not because Miyamoto was trying to reach a "casual" audience but because he was doing it in a way that was pretty untested and ultimately turned out not to be very engaging. I think there are ways to reach wider audiences that don't have to involve half-functional motion control gimmicks. Part of his statement here just doesn't make sense, he doesn't want to make games for people who might want to watch movies?

It's also weird to see Miyamoto say that he's not making games for the "Disneyland" audience when his games typically do have a broad appeal and some of the Mario stuff is about as tonally close to the experience of going to Disneyland as you're ever going to find in a game. Additionally, yes, I agree people can get more out of media when they put in more and push themselves into new experiences, but it's disheartening to see such a usually inclusive and positive game designer get bogged down in this "pathetic casuals" nonsense.

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You are doing God's work.

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A somehow managed to do a thing this week. Enjoy.

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The exact approach they have to the series currently isn't long-term sustainable, there's only so bombastic and so crazy these games are going to be able to get, but I don't see how the head of the Third Street Saints being the President of the United States who fight aliens is a bad thing, that's pretty great. In fact in general I'm not sure I get the concept of something being "too crazy". For me a big part of the draw of Saint's Row isn't just that it's nuts, but that they have a unique style and great deal of ingenuity in their crazy ideas and execute on them with real care and dedication. Seeing the series trade that in for something as played out as "You're an urban gangsta and you shoot people" would just be depressing.