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@gamer_152: As already stated her necklace is the alchemical symbol for brimstone which is the same symbol the brimstone society used. Its almost assuredly rayne.

See, now that's hard evidence. This is weird as balls!

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It does look a lot like Rayne, although that could as easily be Random Anime Lady #795.

The text talks about a woman fighting monsters becoming a monster after long enough.

The picture itself is colored red, she's wearing a corset, she's weilding a blade tonfa, and the main giveaway was that if you look at her hair she has the weird circlets/rings with fabric attached to them that I've only ever seen on Rayne.

I dunno, I've seen that on a number of characters before. I mean this character does bear resemblance to Rayne in a number of ways, it really could be her, but this and to some degree the original Rayne feel like they're borrowing from the same pool of pseudo-modern fantasy character designs which can often lead to similar looks, and features like "The picture is red" or "She's wearing a corset" feel like a bit of a loose connection to me. On that basis I don't think we can say it's her for certain. Oh well, we'll find out in seven days I guess.

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This was probably the best part of the Q&A at that last panel. I heartily endorse your idea and wish you the best of luck.

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It does look a lot like Rayne, although that could as easily be Random Anime Lady #795. If there is another Bloodrayne game and it turns out to be an Arc System Works title that's... Well, weird as balls.

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I think it could be done, but there would have to be something different about it. The "This is a shooter garbed in WWII imagery and story" is something that has been done so many times before and the recent wave of modern military FPS games have saturated us with a lot of military thematics and narratives, even if they've not been historical ones. My immediate thought is that for me at least, an engaging WWII shooter would probably have to convey some of the realism and tragedy of the actual war, and that it would be unlikely to be as successful as the CoDs and Battlefields of today.

Modern military shooters have been successful in part because of way they've been able to build off of the recent conflicts between US and UK troops and other forces in the Middle East. These conflicts allowed a clear new type of modern day hero for players to step into the role of, allowed a whole new wave of military hardware fetishism as those games were able to mirror the equipment and vehicles we actually see these soldiers using in real fights, modern military technology allowed a strong platform for new gameplay mechanics, and by building off these modern wars in which people are actually dying or at risk of dying today they were able to lend themselves a kind of grit and realism. WWII by comparison may still be firmly embedded in the conciousness of the general public, but it's also not a conflict that's memorable and relevant to many 18-35 year olds today because it ended at least three and a half decades before anyone in that demographic was born. It also doesn't come with the coolest, latest weapons and equipment burgeoning with gameplay possibilities, and is generally a more sombre conflict, harder to make into a testosterone-fuelled power fantasy as the emotional impact and losses of that war are harder to ignore. I think these combined factors mean that a lot of publishers and studios would be reluctant to pick up the idea of a WWII shooter in this day and age, and that it wouldn't grab the attention of a fair chunk of the video game audience today. Not to mention there's little precedent for new WWII IPs holding their own against modern military shooters sales-wise.

All that being said, I think this makes that kind of game concept fertile ground for building an emotional, honest look at World War II that could remind at least some of the people in my generation exactly how difficult that war was for people, and maybe the nature of war in general. It would be no easy task but when more and more games are speaking to people on a level beyond just being fun and empowering, and going out of their way to create genuinely affecting stories with some depth to them, I really think there could be something there. As many other people in this thread have said though, it would also be good to see a WWII shooter that just didn't rely on the same battles and events over and over. That war was huge and multi-faceted, and while moments like the British or American troops storming the beaches of Normandy were dramatic, horrific, and iconic events, there were so many other events in that war which games as a whole haven't featured that prominently.

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A lot of good actors have been in crap, but I really don't think Harrelson's filmography is bad. He's a good actor and he's been in some good films.

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It would be cool to see that, but honestly I think there are better places for the staff to concentrate their efforts. Reviews don't gain that much more from being put in video form, while content like quick looks or live streams rely entirely on it.

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Huh, I didn't know about this, thanks for the heads up. I feel like I never enjoyed Dead Space as much as other people, but this could be good to jump back into again.

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Here's my thing for this week. Enjoy backpacking you madman.