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@ajamafalous: Oh my god man THANK YOU!! you saved me hours and hours of searching now i can finally buy it. Thank you!!!!!!!!!! :D

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I've been wondering about a game i played probably over 10 years ago And I've been wanting to look it up so that maybe i can buy it but i can't remember the name so i watched a video with every N64 game ever released in North America and i spotted it so i screen capped it and now i need somebodies help me remember its name. Thank you to anybody who helps! :D

Here's the link to the picture:

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haha i have over 600 games lol
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DOOM & Gamer

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haha thats an awesome Pic! were did you find that?
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Ok so i just got done argueing with this kid about what a Fanboy is and to me a Fanboy is somebody who sticks with only one console, brand ect.. and doesn't like the rest."  
                 So Tell me what the Definition of fanboy is to you  
           P.S sorry if this forum has already been done i havent been on here for a long time
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wow 7.... what are you retarded? did you do the towel trick on each Xbox and didnt take off the towels? oh well just another PS3 fanboy trying to make the Xbox look worse than it really is......
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That is a dumb name
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your avatar looks badass, can i have your autograph?
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wow you are a tool, "dont judge a book by its cover" damn dude you havent evan seen the whole game and your calling it gay... your a douche. and why do you want something way different? What do you want them to do make it first person, or a racing game, or tetris EXTREME. wanting something different is stupid they didnt change it too much cuz they still want the same Gear of War feel to not some stupid cheap MW2 feel.