Raiding Some Tombs

I never cared much for the previous Tomb Raider games. I always viewed them to portray Lara as invincible or a sex symbol with hilariously large breasts. So when Crystal Dynamics said they wanted to reboot the series and change those things, I was fully on board. The game started showing up and I became even more interested and threw down a pre-order. Now that the game is out, all I can say is "WOW!" I knew the game would be pretty great, but this game is absolutely amazing so far. I'm not too far through the game yet only because my girlfriend likes watching me play and I told her I wouldn't play without her, but I'm having a lot of fun so far and the story reminds me a little bit of Lost so that's intriguing, as well.

Now, seeing as I haven't posted on here in quite some time, how are all my old Giant Bomb friends doing? I'm not going to even try to promise me posting on here more, but I've definitely starting coming to the site more. You might see me in the forums from time to time, but I don't know how many blogs I'll post.

All this was meant to be was a quick check-in, so consider yourself checked!

Posted by Mrsignerman44

Glad to hear you're enjoying it as well, it's a fantastic game. Definitely my personal favorite of the year so far, glad to see that you're stopping by the forums more often also, this is a great community for vidya games.