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Am I the only one who thinks is respectable that he admitted that he is 100% accountable? Especially since he probably isn't? As much as people love to bash EA, people should be noting that he's stepping down because he thinks it's his fault for EA's financial problems. Sure, he probably is at least 85% responsible, but he's claiming all of the responsibility. I would love to see a CEO of a big bank do the same thing this man did.

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This kinda makes me sad. Giant Bomb and Comic Vine will never be the same...

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The idea for a video game award show is amazing and a great thing, but the execution fails year in and year out. Honestly, the show would have to be on a major network such as NBC, ABC, CBS, or Fox to be pulled off right. Obviously, the audience that will watch is so small networks see it as pointless. This will remain the case for at least 15-20 more years.

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@Tesla said:

Maybe they'll mix it up and do something fresh and innovative with the next game. ...

HAHAHA! Joke of the day!

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So, I haven't been on this site recently and I thought I'd update with something cool that I did recently. I have pre-ordered Batman: Arkham City Collector's Edition and I cannot wait until October 18th. My only problem now is the fact that the Batman: Year One animated movie comes out on that day as well and I need to decide if I'm gonna purchase that on that day as well. Either way, I already have requested (and had approved) that day off from work so I will be spending that whole day in Arkham City. 
Anyways, just a minor update. I'll try to post more but I don't know how easy that will be. I plan on doing some more forum posts since that way I will feel back in the community even if I'm not posting blogs as much anymore. 
Until next time, WHERE IS THE JOKER?! 
-GamerGeek360 (aka Xandurson on Twitter)

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I will accept your MS points if you are willing to give them to me.

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It looks like I'm in it as well. Haven't turned my Xbox on yet to get the update though.

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How did I not know about this game until now?! How much for this masterpiece? I will give them all the money I have, which sadly isn't much. And I need that money, so how about $10?

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@JesseG said:
" Find my first diamond, awesome. Wonder if there's more, dig directly under me. Fall into lava cave. Awesome. "
That's what you get for being greedy! You will be happy with your ONE diamond, sir!
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Alex is awesome! Then again, my name is Alex, so I kinda have to love him.