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robbob88 said:
"Am I the only one who really isnt into this game? It doesnt look all that great. "
I'm with ya there. I dunno why, but I really couldn't care less about the game. It looks pretty cruddy.

I'm not a Wario fan anyways, so I won't be playing it any time soon.
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  • Resident Evil 4
  • Rayman Raving Rabbids
  • Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz
  • Guitar Hero III

Not a lot, but oh well.
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I want kid Link again. Not crappy Windwaker Link either, that doesn't qualify in my opinion.

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SSbabel said:
"RowdyRob said:
"Would be better if it printed money.
You mean Nintendo money.
Oh God, I see "Wii Shop" in the near future...
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I'm in the same boat as Earthbounder. I was interested in Red Steel until people bashed the crap out of it, so I held off. Hopefully Red Steel 2 doesn't bomb with the Wii MotionPlus addition. It would suck to have one of the first compatible games be horrid.

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Nintendo is starting to disappoint me. I agree with what's been said, I can feel Nintendo leaving core gamers altogether for this new "casual gamer" era.

I also agree that Mario, Zelda, and these same old franchises are really starting to get old. Pikmin and Animal Crossing were great, wonderful new games that both got sequels. Why can't Nintendo invest their time into something new? A NEW masterpiece would rule. I'm getting to the point where I'm really not looking forward to more Mario and Zelda.

And if this new franchise is really "Wii ____" then I might as well give up hope. It's gonna be another Mario Party nightmare, with way too many games that people really just don't want. Only the "people" will be core gamers...

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Super Mario Galaxy. Not that I can vouch for Mario Kart or Brawl, since I haven't played them yet.

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I dunno about that. Don't get me wrong, the art style is great, but how much can you use it before it gets old? Methinks it's already too old to be applied to another game.

Even if it WERE applied to the next Zelda title, what would the plot consist of? Part of Zelda's magic is a lack of a solid timeline. Having a sequel to a sequel is pushing it, big time.

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TTYD is my favorite PM title. SPM is a close second. Super Paper Mario was different, yes, but I liked it a LOT. It was really challenging at certain parts and the game's plot was great (even if a bit text heavy).

That being said, yes, I would like an RPG Paper Mario next time. Not that Super Paper Mario was bad or anything, but y'know.

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I have no idea how it is physically possible for ANY dumbass to break their TV screen unless they try. And they would have to try really hard.

That being said, hell no, I don't use the thing. It looks ridiculous and feels awful. I don't use the strap either, neither of those are needed. Some games I admit MIGHT require the strap, but the glove is taking it way too far.

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