EXCLUSIVE: Giant Bomb Blows Up The World

You may not know this already but the Giant Bomb crew have blown up the world. Pictorial evidence follows...

Brad went to the capitol, Washington D.C, to attend a press conference with the outgoing President Bush. Apparently he managed to get a whole lot done while he was there.

Meanwhile in some other distant part of the country, incoming President Gerstmann, or at least who I think it is, addressed a slightly confused crowd of onlookers.

Across the boarder in Canadia, Canada or whatever that lawless part of the world is called, some guy named Vinny actually managed to get an audience with an ambassador from some Asian country.

However, the real work of the week was all done by Ryan, who has single handedly toppled the Australian government and has rushed the most important journalists in the country to a press conference.

So I thought I'd just let you know that these dudes do a hell of a lot more than just right video game reviews, host the Bombcast, or drink all night. They're actually doing important things that will shape the industry for years to come. Thanks guys for doing such a great job here on Giant Bomb. Hope that you will actually be able to stay here for years to come (unlike those other sites who are crumbling at the moment...)


Just when I thought all of the Giant Bombers were actually doing work, just look at what I found here. So this is where Luchadeer goes for all of these hours that we don't see him on videos here at Giant Bomb, or guarding the elusive 404 site.