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@skrutop said:
" Jeff and Vinny's comments whenever Ghoul came up during Shuffle Time were hilarious.
I'm sure they'd be regretting this now since they have to track down a Ghoul.
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@PhaggyBigNastyMcKill said:
@PeasForFees said:
" I would disagree, that moment is very similar to the other 5 times the were wiped out "
I would have to disagree with you then. the other times they were wiped out it was some boss fight or the fight was already going downhill. Today's episode 81 it was a simple routine battle that in the first round of move GG. Vinny's expression was priceless and was definitely a moment. "
I think I'd agree with you on that one. The unexpected hama was golden.
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I've been taking a break from playing 'real games' over the past 8 months or so. Been staying on Giant Bomb though so I'll have a stackload of recommendations ready for when I'm ready to dive in again.

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@PeasForFees: I like the idea of that better than anyone alse actually doing it. Maybe we can turn this more into a 'list the best moments of Persona 4 so that Vinny can make a complation video'


The Hama right at the end was probably the best moment in recent memory. Too bad they'll have to spend another hour recompleting everything.

Aside from that, all of the running jokes about Funky Student, Fox and the Meat Dimension also probably rate fairly highly.
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I know that Metal_Gear_Sunny has sort of already started this but I thought that it would be a good idea given that we're coming up to episode 100 that some of the best moments from the Endurance Run get compiled together into one awesome video. While I would like to re-comb through all of the goodness, if you would like to list your favorite moments (preferably with an episode number and time), then I might just have the time to render a best-off video before the centenary episode.

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Well I can do exactly what you can't. It may be a stupid recommendation but do you have any JavaScript blocking plugins (eg. Noscript for Firefox) that may be stopping you. If its disabled, I know that it wouldn't work.

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Its a shame that it came down to this. Why did the guy think that by doing this, he would get anywhere in the first place? I kinda feel sorry for the guy, not in that he couldn't release it, but because he obviously needs some help given what he's tried to do over the past few weeks. Not that I'm thinking it'd be any good, but hopefully that game will end up somewhere so that some people will have a chance to take a look at it.

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systech said:
"Captain_Insano said:
"Gunner said:
Can you imagine Brad's voice while making important Presidential speeches?

'This is a day that will live in infamy...'"
It would be hard because I would lol too much at how much I heard him in the Bombcast and Hotspot."
Don't you guys know anything. Dick Cheney is the old, outgoing vice president. I hear a new president is now going to be sworn in.
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Optiow said
"your right, together they are like a Giantbomb!"
Before you know it, their gonna make a video about it. Now that would really make the community go haywire.