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Two games announced in 2015 that I would buy a PS4 or XBONE for

Fallout 4

Burnout Paradise 2

that is all

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I really hope going it alone works for ya, I presume this is what he is doing given those bookmark hints

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@49th: Big Kids too, Though I do like Telltale games but this got me way too excited when I read this was coming lol

It makes no sense and shouldn't exist but i will play it

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I liked the opposite approach that Burnout Paradise got

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This looks like a better example of what Harmonix were going for with Fantasia. The Implementation of that style of play is pulled off better in this imo. It's also much cleaner looking than the Hatsune Miku Project Diva games which have a similar style as well

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I'm bored of all this gamergate stuff. The whole thing is so pathetic and sad I just feel inclined to ignore it the second I see it mentioned. Games are a form of entertainment media, they aren't on the grand scale even remotely important. I swear people seemed to have got so caught up in their passion that they have forgotten that. It's amazingly saddening that the gaming community has proven itself to be about as immature as those in the mainstream media would have the general populous often believe. The very fact this whole gamergate scenario has not just become a 'thing' but a thing that is so damming to almost everyone involved in this industry is unbelievably depressing.

The humorous side to all of this (if there is such a thing) is how much this whole affair doesn't matter. I'm not saying those who received death threats and had to move out of their homes doesn't matter, because obviously it does. But more how this whole agenda being pushed by those making the threats doesn't matter and never did. Seriously the world doesn't care, it's got far bigger issues to worry about than the legitimacy or the implied lack thereof of the gaming industry and those who develop and commentate on it.

Giant Bomb is a website, about Video Games or did we all forget that over the last 6 years.

Now excuse me while I go back to ignoring this whole debacle, I'm going to continue playing games for entertainment and worrying about what really matters in the world. Food on a plate, my health and those I care about and all that jazz. You know the 'real' stuff.


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Want this to stop Patrick? Then don't talk about it. These articles just gives those causing this crap to happen satisfaction. It's pointless.

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hope this returns soon. Was perfect for when I just wanted something random to listen to

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I just got this game and I'm disappointed to discover that Atlus has already taken down the Hall of Heroes website where you could download and share character creations (why wasn't this built into the game anyway!?) and was wondering if anyone knows of another site that shares character creations?

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I've personally never liked the E3 podcasts they do with all the guests. I miss the first time they went to E3 as Giant Bomb where every night they were in a hotel room and spent two hours together spit balling about what they had seen and played.

I know that's never going to come back which is a shame because I value that information much more. The guests podcast is fine for GDC but at E3 all I wanna know about is the new games rather than the industry in general.

So I don't tend to listen to the new podcasts and watch the wrap ups instead