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well until this game is announced I'm not buying a PS4/XONE

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Thankfully Rock Band Customs means for Band Hero and Guitar Hero at least we should be okay

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This weirdly feels like a massive event

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I'm 95% sure that my PS3 is suffering a Blu Ray Drive failure but before i splash the cash on a repacement drive I wanna be sure.


Console switches itself off after x amount of time be it in game,watching a Blu ray or just on the XMB.

A yellow light briefly appears and then the red light flashes indefinitely until I switch the console off manually

Now like I say I'm almost certain this is a Blu ray drive failure and thankfully I'm pretty confident I can install a replace without much hassle. But these aren't cheap to replace.

So yeah can someone confirm to me that these symptoms match my diagnosis?


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same here

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bring back kessler and lemon

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@gamerpigeon said:

No fucking sympathy at all, He may have been a talented actor but he was a misguided selfish human being. would be a fucking monster. The fact that this is the internet, and Hoffman a celebrity, makes little difference in my eyes. So again everyone, more sympathy, less sanctimony. Seriously.

I'm the monster!? Sorry but who died this afternoon shooting up and leaving a wife and three young children? He did that of his own free will and why? He wasn't a desperate person who was living on the streets trying to get high in order to forget about their difficult life. He was a very successful human being who through a problem that he had enough time and money to sort out or try to sort, threw away his future and robbed his kids of a father.

It's sad when someone dies, but what people tend to forget is that it can often be sad because of how it affects those who are left behind rather than the person in question themselves. It's tragic that he was doing drugs to this extent. It's a poor reflection of character on his part and the only sympathy I can have for him if any is that he was a complete an utter fool.

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A 46 year old man, who was fortunate enough to do what he loves for a living and be successful while doing it and have a young family overdoses on drugs because he is a heroine addict.

No fucking sympathy at all, He may have been a talented actor but he was a misguided selfish human being. The only sympathy I have is for his poor kids

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I bought the Nintendo Wii U today : D

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I felt exactly the same and the remedy is a Wii U. Because despite how few of them there are on it, the games are colorful, vibrant and fun VIDEO GAMES. I feel the last bit there is important. So many games nowadays are bland and often lifeless on the Main Consoles. But the Wii U is scratching that itch of what Video Games once were and can still be.

There's nothing wrong with FPS, Open World Games, Sports games etc But i think few will deny that we have become overwhelmed with countless iterations of the same concept.

Sequel fatigue has also played a huge part in this and is set to continue onto the next generation. A few new IPs will come up and then be recycled again and again. I can guarantee there will be about 3 Watch Dogs games in 5 years time. I mean the PS4 has Killzone Shadowfall and ACIV. With Infamous Second Son on its way and another Uncharted. There is no way we wont see another God Of War game.

While the Wii U and Nintendo will offer us the same IPs again its never the same as before and its normally after a long time. 5 years or more mostly. No time to get fatigue. Thats not to say Nintendo don't need some new IPs too as they most definitely do. I'm hoping 2014 will provide that.

I'm not a Nintendo Fanboy but now these new Systems are out I can honestly say the most appealing one to me in the short term (1-3 years) is the Wii U. The new Consoles have been hugely underwhelming, lacking any big leap in graphics and any good games right now or looking forward (Watch Dogs will be on current gen too). If Nintendo can announce a Killer lineup next year of old and new games who knows...