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Loved this Game on SNES, now on your GBA! 0

Super Street Fighter II Revival is a great hand held game that can satisfy your fighting itch on the go. It includes arcade, survival, training, VS, and time attack mode. It includes 17 fighters and some new locations special to this game. It is a good port from the SNES. It may be difficult for some users to get used to the Game Boy Advance controls on a fighting game, but once your fingers get used to it, you will be able to enjoy this fighting game on your Game Boy Advance....

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A Classic Game 0

The Legend of Zelda on the Game Boy Advance is just like you remember it. Guide Link through Hyrule to defeat Gannon and save Zelda. Zelda can collect Rupees and acquire bombs, swords, arrows, and bows to use against enemies. Travel inside dungeons, across forests, and across the sea. I was born in 1982, but I had never played this game until recently, and I enjoyed it. There are some tough parts, and I'll admit I did look online to get to a couple dungeons, but it was a great gaming experience ...

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Great Port 0

Super Mario Bros. on the Game Boy Advance is just like you remember it. It is a very well made port to the GBA. Mario takes on Bowser and tries to rescue the princess for his clutches. Mario can become big, throw fireballs, become invincible, and earn an extra-life. Two players? Add Luigi and you take turns playing. This is a very well made port to a video game classic, and I had no trouble playing it on my Game Boy Advance....

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Enjoy It Thoroughly 0

Soul Calibur II is a weapon-based fighting game. This installment of the Soul Calibur franchise includes many fighting modes, many weapons, and special characters specifically for your particular console (Link for Nintendo, Heihachi for Sony, and Spawn for Microsoft.) Beyond playing with your friends or playing with the computer in arcade mode, this game offers a mode where you can travel a map and find different weapon upgrades and unlock new modes. This mode is called "Weapon Master Mode" and ...

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This is one of the good Sonic games, honestly 0

This was one of the very first Sonic games I bought on my Sega Saturn and LOVED it. It's a good Sonic game, and good racing game. It doesn't have too many weird Sonic characters, the racing is tight and fast, you could spend hours unlocking the hidden characters, it has pretty good graphics for the time era. There are speed boosts on the track, Tails can fly, you can unlock Dr. Robotnik (Eggman) and other faster forms of Sonic. Even as a racing game it's fun against the computer or multiplayer. ...

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Better than Madden NFL 2005, and I still own this game!!! 0

Custom soundtrack, play tournaments up to 16 teams, ESPN license, ability to play Franchise mode for 10+ seasons, better graphics than this year's Madden, more realistic football gameplay than Madden (because in Madden you could make pass completions that you shouldn't be able to make), Build your own crib, play darts, learn the fundamentals of football, First Person Football (experience the game from one player's perspective), Chris Berman, Suzy Kolber, superb graphics, what's not to love? all ...

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No Problem with These Ports 0

If you like Mega Man, and you want Mega Man 1-8 on one disc, then this is the game for you! The ports are excellent! The only major game play change is now you can rapid fire in the early Mega Man games which you couldn't do in the NES versions. You can save after every level completed in these ports, which is great. I will say about Mega Man games is ....DANG! are they hard, but once you complete a level/beat a boss/beat the game, MAN is it REWARDING...this series takes dedication and hard work...

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it's good, but there are much better basketball games 0

This was a pretty good basketball game for 2005. It had freestyle control which you could control with the right analog stick, such as special crossovers, fakes, etc. It has a practice mode, NBA all-star weekend where you can start a dunk competition, all-star game, or 3-point Competition. It has season mode. The gameplay was generally good, but I would not say this was a superb basketball game. It had some errors. When you would try to do crossovers with big men, especially big men without ball...

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Too bad more peoploe didn't play this game 0

This game is a really good fighting game for the SNES. The only problem is that Street Fighter II and Mortal Kombat also came out and buried this game. But Killer Instinct is a good fighting game that includes 11 fighters, automatic combos (which allowed you to designate a button for specified combos), finishing moves, ultra combos (20+ hits), and combo breakers. The fighters include Fulgore, Glacier, Riptor, Cinder, Jago, Sabrewulf, TJ Combo, Chief Thunder, B. Orchid, and Eyedol. IN this game i...

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My Favorite of the MVP Baseball Franchise 0

This is the best MVP Baseball Franchise. It plays smoothly, has all three levels of the minor leagues, single A, double A, and triple A. It has batting and pitching mini games. It has an owner mode in which you can set ticket prices, name your stadium, run the trades, call up and send down players, buy concession stands, make upgrades to your park, and play for up to 125 seasons. I don't know anybody who has but that's cool!! I can't think of any major gameplay bugs in this game. This game is gr...

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