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Where have quests and achievement tracking gone? two of the best things about this place

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Interesting bit of history, and would be nice to see it given some attention from the point of making a few aware what that war was really about. However, can't help but think they're pandering to a US audience a little bit. From a gameplay point of view Assassins creed should continue to have a major component of traversing and scaling amazing cities and buildings. In this period even New York isn't too interesting, and certainly no comparison to C16th Constantinople.... so seems an odd choice

The first two games were so daring, this seems conservative by comparison. But I have faith in them. There must be a way to make it work...

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@ShaneDev said:
"  I ain't British so I dont give a shit but the government there seems to be trying to use it as a sort of day of national pride or some shit which seems silly.  I would hate to live in a country with any kind of government funded royal family, I mean paying someone from the taxpayers money for no other reason than they were born into a certain family seems stupid. "
I'm no royalist, but I think on a purely economical basis, we probably get good value out of the royals. for the amount they cost, they bring in a huge amount of money through tourism. I think it also gives the nation a unique quality and draws attention to our long history.  I'm far more tolerant of them than I am of our current crop of MPs, or any of the thieving bank CEOs. 

I'd like to say I'd rather have the Royals than a corrupt and ridiculous government like the US had to put up with under Bush - but then we had Tony Blair at the time who was just as bad.
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Also, who ever says 'British English?' I'm English and I speak english, plain and simple.

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@KaosAngel said:
"American English is far more quicker and to the point. "
erm....    fail?
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Nice set up, but how do you find that modern widescreen display copes with older consoles? I suppose the TV can letterbox them in the correct 4:3 format? But even in that case, I have tended to prefer playing my older consoles on an older TV. 

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I love all the detracting comments from people who never owned one or played on it. 
Though to be fair, i'm not defending the 32X, it  was mostly awful, but as yakov said, it had a few gems. In fact, on grounds of software, i'd say its one of the best of a bad bunch on 'next-gen' consoles of that era. Look at the CD-I, 3DO, Jaguar or Amiga CD32. IMO it even had better games than that other add-on failure, the Mega-CD. 
I didn't own a 32X at the time, but have since acquired one with a few games out of curiosity. I'd say the best of what I've played is probably Star Wars Arcade. Pretty arcane by modern standards, but i actually enjoy it.

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lets compare penis lengths

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What kind of scaling are you all using to play these systems in HD? cabling solution? 
For me anything PS2/Xbox 1  and older (most importantly to me, my Japanese Saturn and Dreamcast)  looks best on a good quality, non widescreen CRT television through a SCART connection.
If I plug my older systems into a new TV it just looks like shit as the screen has a native resolution and can't multisync properly.  I love my HD widescreen TV for movies and new games, but it's just not suited to older systems as well imo.
Scaled up, I think older games often look worse anyway (like via emulation on PC or XBL).

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A criminal record in Spain.  
does that count as an injury? probably not

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