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@moonlightmoth: I offer up my body as thanks................... This got awkward.


(H) My body i.e. wonderland(W) Half-Life 3

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@rentfn Won my Dead Island giveaway. Hope you enjoy it duder!

More goodies to come =D

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Don't share the link with non duders ;-)

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THE WINNER IS........... @allisheresy

I will have a consolation prize in the form of a private giveaway link for all duders to enter later tonight. It will have a short window and it isn't group locked. It will be for Dead Island GOTY edition.

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@truthtellah Would have been the winner. He guessed my exact age! BUT he stated in the post above he doesn't have Borderlands 2 and he should be taken out of the running.

With that said we have multiple close guesses i.e. "29 ". So tomorrow at a more sane hour, I will Google a random picker of some sort, put the people who guessed "29" in and whoever it picks will win!

So that means @allisheresy and @8bit_archer have 50/50 odds of walking away with the prize!

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My micro guess my age forum thread contest is nearing its end! Once the weekend is over I will pick a winner.

So far only two entries lol

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DUDERS I got something for you!

Guess my age, post your guess on my profile. I will then contact the person and he/she gets "Borderlands 2: Mr. Torgues Campaign of Carnage DLC". I figured I would do something different/cute with this giveaway.


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That screenshot included with this article, I don't remember that scene from Saints Row the Third.....

I hope the franchises land in good hands. I also home they are not removed from Steam!

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Ugh, I can't believe he didn't leave right away.