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So I've been checking this game out here and there as it was in early development. The concept is really appealing to me, nothing like a game that features Lovecraft fiction, but the price tag is a bit more than I would gamble atm. So what do the duders who've played the game think of it? I've heard some comparisons to games like Dwarf Fortress floating around. Are these accurate? Also is the game fun to play yet, or is it like The Forest where a lot of the game is still on the way?

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Love that one of the symbols is Luchadeer

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:D Can't wait for the game! As someone who loves games like Crusader Kings/Rogue Legacy/Xcom this is like a dream game and from one of my favorite studios.

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I feel like the tuning in 2 made it more fun to play. I'm doing a duel wield run atm and it's pretty cool, also I've heard the dlc for 2 is cool. However 1 with dlc was a far superior experience from a story telling stand point. The world building in 1 was way better. The bosses in 1 were way better. So I have to give it to 1

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So is it possible the shenanigans already happened? Like the Akibas Trip QL?

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This was a really cool way to reveal this.

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@gaminghooligan: yeah thats me, are you tralse?

yep. I want in the guild, but I think I'm locked until my account upgrade goes through