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Sure there were some cool done spinoff shows when I was a kid. However Looney Toons holds up wayyyyy better.

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I felt like the story went nowhere. There wasn't much closure other than the drawings during the credits. Also the puzzles in act two involving the wiring of the robots were MADDENING.

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Yep, get them a third person on there OR skype in some of the West Coast Crew.

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For those interested in the Persona 4 Endurance Run, but without 96 hours to spare, there are great "Best of" compilations on Youtube.

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The last hour of Hot Fuzz is a masterpiece of parody comedy. All three movies are great and I could watch them all over and over.

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I thought Erron Black would be a kind of pandering character, but I really like the way they work him into the story. Also that Tarkatan Arm Sword is beyond awesome.

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Man Konami is in a bad way. Shame, poor Del Toro is becoming the kiss of death.

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I'm not going to judge the final product without seeing it, and Leto might pull it off without a hitch, but going just on appearance I don't like it. The tattoos make him look like he would be a Joker goon not the Joker himself, and if this is the Joker I'm worried about what they'll do with Harley Quinn.

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That jump from Angelico gave my chills. Such an awesome moment. That whole episode was pretty good.

I was convinced that it was going to be a tease, but man when he jumped I lost my damn mind.

Take this with the biggest grain of salt ever, but this person on WReddit claims Lucha Underground has, in fact, been renewed. Again, I have no idea if this is totally true since "I talked to Brian Cage for this random magazine" holds about as much weight as "My uncle works for Nintendo". If it is though, thank god, the fact that a second season of Lucha Underground is even in question is a god damn crime.

My hope is that it being on El Ray, which doesn't have a whole lot of original programming, will float it even if it doesn't get great ratings. I have no idea what kind of viewership it gets, but I know it deserves more.

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@cornbredx: My hope is that it will be a good way to balance out the mod community, lesser known modders will still hopefully offer free content to make a name for themselves or to show off what they've made to a larger audience, big name guys that are known for things like armor sets and homebases that spend a lot of time and effort crafting stuff that is a higher quality than whats in the game already can make a little money for their effort (they could even start making sort of free lite versions of their stuff to give a basic idea for what someone can expect from a paid version), and lastly the guys who make garbage or steal someone's work will ideally be found out faster and dealt with. I'm with you though, it's a weird new world, and I hope this doesn't lead to people taking advantage of the people who want to enjoy the best part of gaming on a pc.