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I just want some new single player content with some heists. Is that so much to ask Rockstar? As for the jetpack, it's funny but the chances of me using it more than once are pretty slim. I don't even use the special update cars they gave everybody.

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Oh wow, this looks awesome!

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It may have already been said.

PREACHER by Garth Ennis

I know there have been rumors going around that AMC is working with Seth Rogen to produce a series and that's all well and good. I hope it's awesome. For me though, HBO would be the perfect home for this series (I think there was a time when they tried to get it going there). It's dark, violent, sacrilegious, clever, etc. Probably one of the few series I try to re-read from time to time.

Also I would love to see a channel like HBO or Showtime try to do something with the King Killer series by Patrick Rothfuss.

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Great read! I have to admit I was skeptical going into Asura's Wrath but it won me over. I never go to play the dlc being the broke college student I was at the time, but one of my favorite moments in the game was playing as Yasha (that music.)

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I have an i5 650 in my rig right now and it can handle most games. So I could see going with the i5 750 like others have said (that is if you can spare the $$).

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@starvinggamer: okay I'm glad someone else couldn't hear her well. I thought my surround was messed up.

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The graphics, while I don't care that much about them personally, weren't nearly as impressive as I thought they were going to be. Still excited to play the game though, so many things in there reminded me of what I've missed in horror games.

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  • Didn't interrupt Snow's eulogy
  • Went to the Bar first, then Tweedle Dee/Dum's place
  • Offered a job to Flycatcher
  • Didn't burn down the tree
  • Killed Dum.

I have tried to play a tough but reasonable Bigby up to this point, sparing enemies and trying to be peaceful. However I felt like Dee and Dum have had more than enough opportunities to back down and I also didn't realize it would legit kill him since Fables are like super strong. Fantastic episode and I have to say while I figured the Crooked Man was involved somehow the end was a surprise. Bloody Mary seems appropriately crazy and I love that she had the Woodsman's ax (been wondering where it went). I would probably hang stills of this game up on my wall, the art is just stunning.

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EVE and DOTA 2

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