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Street Fighter 4

It's a bit big for my house but I've always dreamed of having all arguments settled with a best of three game. Don't fancy the washing up? Hadoken your way out of it.

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  • Mario
  • Half Life
  • GTA
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Most of it is a bit forgettable for me. The most memorable is definitely the intro music for Myth on the C64:

You can keep your fancy soundcards. I'll take the SID chip over it any day

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Child Pornography is not a product of the internet. It has always existed and will continue to exist as long as paedophiles exist. The internet may make it easier for this material to be shared but that isn't, in itself, a good enough reason make this extraordinary, once-in-a-lifetime tool considerably less useful - especially when most people use it legally. Books can tell you how to make bombs. The car makes it easier to escape bank robberies. Loud music makes it easier to stifle the screams of your victims. How far do you want to go with this line of reasoning. Besides, it isn't as if SOPA has been put forward to protect the poor, wickle kiddywinkies. It's been put together to protect the revenue streams of large media conglomerates.

The internet up to now has been free and look at the results. I'm sat in front of the TV half-watching Death Wish and writing a message that will be available to some guy I've never met in fuck knows what country seconds after I hit the Post Reply button. Want to know pretty much anything in the world, you can Wikipedia/Google/Wolfram it in a second. Want to know how all those pricks at school have ruined their life? Sign up for a free Facebook account and laugh your tits off at their shit grammar and ugly fat kids. You could do all that stuff before but you couldn't do it on your sofa watching TV. A free internet has made your life loads better and, get this, it's made shit loads of people unbelievably rich. There's so much good about the internet that gimping it because some people are a bit naughty is cutting off your nose to spite your face.

You must not allow these crypto-fascist scumbags to regulate the internet. It must not happen. I live in the UK. Your government has no jurisdiction over me whatsoever but if they pass this carbuncle of a bill, I will be affected by it. All people in English-speaking countries who have been using, and contributing to, the greatest internet companies in the world will be affected. It isn't right. It isn't just. It isn't what you expect from a country that claims to be the land of the free.

edit - Sorry, that was pure stream of consciousness. I'm not having a pop at anyone personally. Just getting something off my chest.

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This is one of those songs where, as a musician, you listen to it think "I'm never going to write anything that good" then burn your instruments. It's as close to a perfect song as you'll ever find.

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@Fattony12000: There's a rumour going round Twitter that he's already dead. I wouldn't feel right using my psychic powers to gain an unfair advantage.

edit - Looks like it was 'one of those' Twitter rumours. I'm sticking with the old commie coot then. He can't be long for this world.

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I take it that bets are off on Fidel Castro. Wish I'd seen this thread earlier.

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@dabe: I didn't know that Alan Carr's dad was Newcastle's head scout. I knew he was in football but that was it. I like that fact. I will use it in polite conversation.

I support my local team, not the one who was winning during my adolescence, which unfortunately lumbers me with oblivion-threatened Darlington. This transfer window, I would love it if we didn't go into administration, did sell the carbuncle of a stadium and then somehow managed to secure a future beyond February. None of this is likely to happen. It could but only in the same way that you could be hit by a falling asteroid.

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The other week there was a story about the creators of Bastion being forced to charge for some DLC that was free on other platforms. Microsoft are adamant that giving away free content devalues the paid content. Besides, developers shut down their servers for a reason. Outside CoD, there won't be that many games over 18 months old that have particularly popular online communities. Those that do are exactly the communities that are generating vast amounts of cash for Microsoft.

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It's perfectly normal. Also: sexy. Embrace your inner silver fox. It will reward you with the attention beautiful young women even when you're far too old for them.