My Star Wars Light Sabre Game Design (Game Play Design Only)

An M rated Character Action Game (think Devil May Cry 3) with one hit kills and one hit deaths.

Main Character would be a Jedi, or a Sith and in ether case would not be apposed to using blasters like Jedi traditionally are.

Game would have Jump button with remaining 3 face buttons assigned to Light sabre, blaster, and force power, starting with force push (like the different attacks of Devil May Cry 4) all of which can be upgraded. Additional Force powers will be obtainable for sure, different light sabres and blasted possible, but not necessary.

Game would have a block button and a lock on button on the L1 and R1/ bumpers. L2 and R2/ Triggers would be dodge and changing force powers

Game would feature acrobatics such as dodges and jumps, including double jumps and wall runs

Battles with light sabre wielding opponents would require heavy use of blocking and or dodging otherwise death would be certain and immediate (one hit deaths)

Fluid 60 fps frame rate and seamless usage of all three attacks would be required. Game would be heavily Combo Driven and could include a combo based scoring system (but it may not be desired if a heavier tone to what ever story is devised is used)

Finally it should be noted that like Devil May Cry 3, this game would be intended to be as difficult as possible at the beginning and would get easier as the game progressed due largely to the player becoming more use to the controls, the combat style, and the feel of the game.

These are only game play designs as I do not at this time have the slightest clue what the story of such a game would be nor do I care.

Please let me know in the comments below if this design idea is any good, or if it sounds like a steaming pile of crap.

Thanks for reading



How will Giant Bomb mark the end of the Persona 4 Endurance Run?


         Jeff and Vinny finally finished Persona 4 at about 100 hours, 155 episodes, and about 7 months of 2009. During this time, they have no doubt come to at least some sort of opinion about the quality of the games. My question is this; will Jeff, and or Vinny, do a comprehensive review of Persona 4, wrapping up what they think of the game as a whole (both good and bad) and assigning it a score of X stars out of 5?  

         A video review might seem pointless here, due to the 100 hours of video they already have. A text review or some kind of look back on the game and their experiences with it might provide the kind of closure such a long project deserves. Perhaps they (Jeff and Vinny) feel that the Endurance Run speaks for itself and no formal review is needed. If that is the case then they know what is best. I would not mind reading a review though.

Just a thought, Thanks



Is Halo a Story or a Universe?


             After listening to the most recent episode of the Giant Bomb cast (9-15-09) and the description that was given of Halo 3 ODST, I came to the conclusion that I had very little interest in that game, specifically its story. To put this in perspective, I consider myself to be a Halo fan and I enjoyed the stories of Halo 1, 2, and 3. I did not find the story of halo wars to be very interesting. 
             This got me thinking, does Halo qualify as a story with a single narrative or is it a universe with many narratives and stories? To better explain what I mean, compare Star Trek, which has many different stories explored throughout its primary mediums (TV. and film) and Star Wars, which has one main story that centers on a fairly consistent group of characters. The question is from that aspect, which is Halo closer to, Star Wars or Star Trek?

             I do have an interest in learning more about the events in halo. This might cause me to conclude that it is a universe. From what I have seen, however, the times where games have veered off course from the main story have been boring and meaningless. This makes me conclude it is a story. Perhaps Reach will be more interesting to me; on the other hand, you could argue that because the events of Reach take place right before Halo 1 and are therefore part of the main story line. I do not know; so the question remains…  
 Is Halo a Story or a Universe?   
Just a thought, Thanks


Idea for Mortal Kombat

If anyone else is getting tired of Mortal Kombat being just a so-so fight franchise then maybe it needs some new ideas. I have an idea, why not turn it into an ultra-violent/ gory version of Super Smash Brothers. Just think of the possibilities, stuff like scorpion doing the "get over here" move using both hands against two opponents or having fatalities in the middle of a match like super smashes are used in Brawl.

Just a though, Thanks
P.S.  Congratulations the new site launch Giant Bomb.