Achievement: Ganjaman's Best Games Ever List

10.  Resident Evil 2 (PSX) - Resident Evil 2 is just one of those personal favorites that i have that just stick with me even years after i have finished playing.  I must say i do enjoy the "clunky and robotic" controls of this game.  I feel that it just adds to the terrifying experience.  Theres nothing quite like being low on ammo only to be surrounded by a group of zombies while trying to escape with such arbitrary controls.  The scary and moody atmosphere has earned Resident Evil 2, a place on my top ten games of all time.

9.  NFL BLITZ 2001 (N64) - This ones a strange one, but bear with me.  This game is outright fun.  Just fun, something that i expect out of all video games.  This arcade-dy  sports game recieved alot of play time and laughs from me.   Nothing like going into triple overtime with a near triple digit score from both teams to just get me sweaty from excitement.  This game disregards all the rules of the NFL and replaces it with what we all wish we could see on tv.  (Admit it, seeing a player set on fire, thus making him faster, score a touchdown with 3 defender ontop of him struggling to stop the drive is just plain old fun.  Period.

8. Super Mario World (SNES) - To this day, i still truly believe this game to not only be the pinnacle of 2-D platforming, but the best of the Mario franchise.  Something about this game has certainly stuck with me.  I find it to be the most balanced of 2-D platformers. 

7. Braid (XBLA) - For those of you who don't know what this game is, allow me to explain.  It is a 2-D platformer with complex puzzle elements, sprinkled with time controlling abilities.  Sounds like it could be a very messy game doesn't it?  It could be, but Braid turned out to defy all of my expectation of a mundane platformer to become something more.  The puzzles on each and every single level is very calculating.  This game basically rekindled the problem solving skills that i had lost from playing all these games with shoddy puzzles.  The puzzles are almost guaranteed to take a ton of thinking before finally tackling it and succesfully completeing it.  Honestly the gameplay itself was good enough for me to put this on my favorite games list but the story was so complex and insinuating so many different things.  Like Jonathan Blow said, the story definately invoked a certain emotion that i am unfamiliar with.  The ending especially is a doozy.  Lets just say its one of those plot twists that make you go "Holy Shit!" and make you rethink the entire game comepletey.  Yeah its that powerful.

6.  World of Warcraft (PC) -  Im usually not a fan of MMORPG's but Blizzard's  World of Warcraft has certainly made me a believer.  Despite the constant bitching from many players about this game, they have to accept the fact that this game is the most streamlined and most enjoyable MMORPG ever.  This game has consumed many hours of my life providing pure entertainment.  With a huge variaty in the game, i find it hard-pressed to come up with any excuses to stop playing anytime soon.

5.  Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts (Xbox 360) - I find most platformers very mundane and boring now a days.  Some have tried to inject life into the genre by adding more to the mix, such as weapons and whatnot.  When i first heard about this game i simply pre-judged this game to be a very gimmicky vehicle based platformer.  After my first few hours however, my views have been changed.  In Nuts and Bolts, creativity is the name of the game and it did such a good job incorperating intelligent thinking into the game.  Although Vehicles are the main source of transportation  here, creativity is what will get you places and complete objectives.  Thinking outside the box is what Rare is trying to tell us and they have done a phenomenal job doing so.  Kudos Rare, excellence is all i can find in this game.

4.  Halo (Xbox) - To be fair, i bought this game without knowing anything about it.  Thus i wasn't affected by any of the hype that it was generating.  This game right here, is the blueprint in which almost every FPS after it has followed.  The controls were 100% smooth and tight.  The gameplay was heart- pounding. "30 seconds of fun over and over again stretched out to a full game"  The campaign was fantastic, the story was good but nothing exceptional, but the intellegent AI and fantastic shooting really made it something special.  Now carry that blissful shooting into multiplayer with a bunch of friends, and you have a winner.  As far as console FPS's go, this is the best, the cream of the crop. 

3.  Spyro the Dragon (PSX) - When i was a young child, I would play so many playstation games, my brain would feel as if it would leak out of my ears.  So many favorites, so many memories.  There is one game however that stood out among the rest.  Spyro the Dragon was one of those super well done 3-D platformers that the playstation was starting to get so much of.   It told a story of a young dragon who was suddenly tasked with the salvation of his species from an ominous force.  As a child i was enthralled by this, the gameplay was super fun too.  Years later, i have dusted this game off and gave it a run.  Not much has changed.  I can still sit for hours playing this great platformer.  Along side this little dragon my inner child which found such joy in games is brought out.  The vibrant world, the quirky tunes, and respectable action/platforming gameplay.  This is a timeless one.  Forever treasured in this top ten games of all time.

2. Metal Gear Solid 4 (PS3) - Clones, international conspiracies, convoluted plot twists,  impossible villains, and one unforgetable super soidler.  Hideo Kojima created what is definitely one of the bests video game series ever.  With a story so epic and mind boggling, along with a soundtrack that gets the juices pumping everytime you hear it, this game series is among the best cinematic experiences ever.  However of the series, i chose Metal Gear Solid 4 to be on this list simply because of the astounding improvements over the prior games.  The gameplay was revamped completely, ditching the isometric view for a more intense third person perspective.  Oh, it also doesn't hurt for the game to successfully wrap up all of the crazy loose ends that the series has so carefully woven together.

1. Final Fantasy X (PS2)- Every once in a while, there is a game that comes along that truly captivates me.  Every time i pick up the controller and play Final Fantasy X, i am completely immersed in the experience.  The story is as rich as it gets, with a masterful narrative and unforgettable characters.  It also doesn't hurt that this game is an aural ecstasy.  The music, ambiance, and voice acting is pure perfection and should be admired years to come.  The visuals and gameplay are also impressive, especially considering that it is a 8 year old game, it has withstood the test of time.  Quite frankly this is the rare game that i have had the pleasure of playing, it is perfection in every sense of the word.  Thus i am proud to announce that this masterpiece is my favorite game of all time.


Ganjaman's Second Blog Post! Anime edition!

Hi everybody, this is Ganjaman here, making my second blog post ever.  Alrighty, lets start off with the good stuff, ANIME.

Now i would just like to share a list of my favorite ones:

FLCL: Unique, a blast to watch, action packed, hilarious.

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzamiya:  Funny, interesting, great characters

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Excellence

Azumanga Daioh (This anime doesn't really fit with the other anime's i've listed but something about this  one intrigues me.  Its like the seinfeld of anime.)

Bleach: (Although im not usually a fan of animes with lots of fillers, this one is very entertaining to watch)

Yu-Yu Hakusho:  Just a kickass anime all round.

Cromartie High:  Hilarious, just hilarious

Elfen Lied: (Honestly, i randomly watched this show on youtube.  Annnnnd i don't even know what to say.  I was expecting an average anime about a girl and a boy and my jaw  This is by far the sickest, bloodiest, goriest, most cringe worthy anime i have ever seen in my ENTIRE life.  Watch it.)

And those were just a list of my personal favorite animes.  Im sure many have seen it, but for those who have not, i implore you to give these shows a chance, they are phenominal.  Enjoy!



First Blog Post

Hi everybody, this will be my official first blog post!  That was exciting.  Now since I'm new to this blogging business, I'll just talk about whatever first pops into my head.

As posted on the forums a little bit earlier, i mentioned a fantastic and mind blowing movie called "Mad Detective"

It is a Chinese action/thriller with plenty of plot twists, great dialog, and fantastic acting.  Since i am not savvy in Chinese movies, i do not know much about the actors or directors in this movie but i am willing to check them out. 

Without giving much away, this movie is about a retired detective who has an uncanny gift to see other people's inner personalities.  He uses this gift to solve his cases.  Now he is brought out of retirement to solve what could possibly be his craziest case yet.  (that line sounded a bit cliche but i couldn't help it).

For anyone who is interested in this movie please check out the trailer:

And if you like that, then please check out the entire movie which is also on youtube (There are 10 parts to this movie but ill only post the 1st one) :

And that would be all for now, i hope you all enjoy it!