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@brodehouse: Fair enough. Everyone I talk to who plays games like this will always pick the first thing that pops up in the list of options without even thinking about it, which bums me out a little because they're completely ignoring everything else that's there. But I can totally see why something more grounded would be appealing if everyone around you is on a race to be the most weird and obscure.

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So many votes for Human. You people are boring. Live a little!

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Creamed eggs on toast.

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@mikemcn said:

honey mustard wings Honey Mustard Wings. Honey Mustard Wings! HONEY MUSTARD WINGS!

Put them in your face.

Never heard of honey mustard wings before. They look incredible!

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I hate plain tomatoes but I love almost all of the popular tomato based foods.

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No Brad Muir? I guess maybe that's a Giant Bomb thing.

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Lost a 300 hour Dark Souls character after my hard drive crapped out. I stopped playing that game for a while after that.

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People who boil hot dogs deserve.... Well, I don't know what they deserve. But whatever it is, it ain't good.

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I don't know how anyone can go up and over. Doesn't going up and over constrict the stream and cause you to pee all over the seat? That was my experience with it, anyway. And I'll never do it that way again. Through the fly is the only way I go.