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The perfect sequel. 0

The Witcher was one of the biggest surprises of recent years. A small polish developer struggled for almost 5 years and finally released a precious, hidden gem, one that does not come around very often. The incredible intrigue, set in the world created by novelist Andrzej Sapkowski in the Witcher Saga, was one of the most amazing experiences I've ever had with an RPG. And although plagued by a few technical issues and horrendously frequent and lengthy loading times, the game had heart. You coul...

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Crysis 2 review. 0

Crytek's debut on the consoles leaves the PC fanbase unharmed and provides a cool experience for all players, no matter what platform.  Crysis 2 is a very strange game. The moment I started playing the campaign, I wanted to nitpick the hell out of it. I'm a huge fan of the original Crysis games for the freedom they provided. Every encounter could be approached differently, even in the more linear levels- the nanosuit allowed you to either go in guns blazing, or to kill everyone in stealth using ...

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Killzone 3 review. 0

Two years ago, Guerilla Games set the bar ridiculously high for PS3 development. After years of anticipation, and most importantly extreme skepticism, Killzone 2 landed on store shelves and the rubber hit the road. Skeptics were proven (mostly) wrong, as KZ2 was the best looking PS3 game back then and still remains one of the best looking games of this generation. The gameplay, however, needed refining. The single player campaign was frustrating at times, the multiplayer unbalanced and flawed, a...

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Alpha Protocol review 0

 I recently picked up Alpha Protocol during the Steam holiday sale for 7.5 euros and I thought I'd write about it. I'm surprised how bad this game was received, maybe this will convince more people to check it out. Or maybe not. Whatever the case, I'd like to get this out of my system and perhaps some of you find it at least a bit informative.  The game is an action RPG hybrid in the vein of the Mass Effect series. You play as Michael Thorton- a new recruit at Alpha Protocol (an agency so secret...

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