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I didn't even know you could use LT.
I use the Right Trigger.  I tried X for a bit, since that's how you had to play most old school platformers, but trying to use your thumb to do two things at once means one of those things is less precise, at least for me. 
I haven't had any trouble with my fingers getting worn out, but because the levels are so short (30 seconds at most, so far), it is a great game to play a few levels here and there, so I've been using it as a palette cleanser.  I'll play for 15 minutes, then play another game for a while (Oblivion, lately.  Seriously, I bought that game when I got my 360, and I am only finally close to beating it, 3 years later)

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There are several map packs.  They probably account for the 50 extra points.

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@Jazz said:
" Yeah, I see what they're doing there...but I'm not a fan of the interface and it just takes way too long to enter the information. Defaulting to US each time you enter a game is a bit annoying too. So, its a nice idea..just not for me. "
You can change the default region from the "My Backloggery" menu, then options, then User Info.
It's not perfect, but it suits my needs.  It would be nice if it had a database of games, and showed some additional information (e.g. boxart, release date).  That's actually why I switched to the GB lists for a while.  However, it is a basic, unordered list implementation.  That's fine for top-ten lists, or GOTY lists, but as designed, it doesn't handle collections or wishlists very well (no place to choose the Platform, except for comments, no sorting option), so I switched back to backloggery recently.  I also found a decent Greasemonkey script called Tor's Backloggery Enhancements, which adds support for marking a release year, and distribution method (Steam, GOG, Impulse, etc), and builds some cool charts based on that info.
Like I said, it isn't perfect, but it is the closing thing I've found to what I want in that kind of site. Unless I find a better site, or ever actually get anywhere on the one I was working myself, backloggery will do.
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I played the demo last night and thought the same thing.  The lock on made it a bit better (some people hate lock on in anything resembling a shooter;  I personally don't mind it), but it was still terrible.  I remember the first Crackdown had the same problem, but let you change the sensitivity, so I kind of assumed that this would also.  Hopefully it's just the demo.
I'll be honest though: it was hardly my only issue with the demo. I thought the first Crackdown was great and I've been looking forward to this since it was announced, especially after they announced 4 player co-op.  After playing the demo, it just feels like more Crackdown.  That's not bad per se, but I feel like sandbox games have moved on since then.  On the other hand, considering how excited I was for it, there was no way it could have lived up to my expectations. Still, there are some cool new things from videos (I only played about 10 minutes and turned it off, so I don't know whether they are in the demo), so I'm going to try the demo again tonight, to give it another chance to impress.  
Like I said, I enjoyed the first Crackdown, so I'm sure I will still play it.  I just may not buy it right away.

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@ChernobylCow said:
" @Garden_Ninja: Hey bud, check out my blog entry about Baldur's Gate II mods.  It has links to sites that focus on Infinity Engine games and their mods. "
Forgot to say thanks for the link when I first saw it. I have that bookmarked for when I get to BG2, and I'm reading your BG1 post now.
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@iAmJohn said:
" I'm going to say this should stay for the same reason Zelda is a character and not a concept - it's just too confusing. "
I can see that.   There is one important difference though.  The LoZ games are thematically similar, but for the most part, they aren't supposed to take place in the same universe.  The Overlord series does take place in the same universe.  Not sure if that matters.
I don't have a strong feeling either way; I just noticed that it didn't match what I understand to be the standard.
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@RichardLOlson: OP could be British.  American English treats collective nouns as grammatically singular.  I think British English treats them as grammatically plural.
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Shamus Young wrote an article for The Escapist about this recently that explains the probable reasons fairly well. There are also some good comments at his personal site about the article.  
FFVII was created under much different constraints than pretty much any modern game.  At the time, an overhead view, prerendered backgrounds and dialog that was completely text-based was pretty much the norm.  As such, the scope could be larger.  FFVII was enormous.
Compare with modern constraints.  You need fancy 3D graphics that can be viewed from any angle; motion capture; voice overs.  These things are expensive and have dependencies (see page 3 of the Escapist article). People have been complaining for years that games have been getting shorter, with simpler stories.  This is why.  That kind of scope just isn't possible. You can argue that you don't need 3D environments or mo-cap, and text only is fine.  But if that's the case, then why do you want a remake in the first place? It's not like you can't play it on modern systems because they released it on PSN.
Even ignoring the technical constraints, they still probably won't do it.  Some people would complain that they changed too much; others that they didn't change enough.  No one would be happy.

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The Overlord is currently listed as a Character page.  However, there are multiple Overlords, depending on the game.  For example, the Overlord from Overlord II is the son of the Overlord from Overlord, and the big bad of the first game, was technically your predecessor (though not playable).  The Overlord wikia lists four.  Since there are more than one, I believe that under the rules of GB Wiki, the page should be made into a concept.
For what it's worth, the content of the page looks pretty good, so it shouldn't need to be changed.