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@Grnd_Lb_Knt said:

@Garfield360UK: It is specifically dated for November 1st

Ah cool. Not long to go then!

Thanks for the update, the cars look very cool.

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@matt_wickstrom said:

@Garfield360UK: I hear it's coming out somewhere between November 1st and November 30th, but that's just me.

Haha, maybe, but what year?


I ment did it have a release date within a day rather than the month but kudos on the burn ;)

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Looking good, any timeframe for what part of November this is out?

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I am supprised by lack of Star Wars "NOOOOOOOOO" photoshopping going on.

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This game sounds good. I am also somebody who did not get into Oblivion but loved Fallout 3 so this sounds promissing that the game worked for Patrick as if he can get into the game when not a huge fan of Oblivion then I can give it a try as well.

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@Bennyishere said:

I am looking to join!

I am also interested. If Benny and Matt are in then count me in as well. The more the merrier.

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@Zyte said:

Bam tan?

Haha my mistake. I will try and edit the post. (Dam my fast typing and none checking before posting).@Jolt92 said:

@Garfield360UK: Batman is for adults and young adults. But if you find Watchmen too dark you might also find Batman too dark, because sometimes there's some messed up stuff happening. Personally I like Detective Comics the most, but there are many good TPB's you can get of Batman. You should really pop into Comic Vine and ask the people there though.

Any other reccomendations? I just found some areas that The Watchmen goes into a bit uncomfortable. I enjoyed Dark Knight so if the books are similar to that I would get into it.

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Hi all

I was just wandering about the comic universe of Batman. I have enjoyed watching Batman Begins and The Dark Knight and with Arkham City due soon I have considered reading up on the universe a bit.

I am wandering, are the books actually targeted at adults or is it really a childrens thing? The same question to the films and are there any other adult super hero style books that are worth reading for somebody in their twenties? I am not trying to patronise, I just find this thing confusing as I have not really got into this area before (I have tried Watchmen but did not like the depressing nature of it, it was interesting but too dark for me in parts to really gel with).

Thank you.

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Sounds interesting, as long as Microsoft don't mess this studio up or close them down if sales are not super high, I am on board. More funding hopefully means a more secure future for this studio.

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@matt_wickstrom said:

Looking good. Out of interest, is the limited edition 10 mucsle car pack thing the one that is included in the season pass?