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In the UK here and giantbomb videos have been unwatchably slow for several weeks now.

On Youtibe they are fine but even low quality on the site doesn't load hast enough to watch on either streaming or progressive.

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Then why say 713 still remaining?

I always seem to just miss the offers

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@Plasma said:

I have nothing against GAME, I haven't been in one for years coz of Amazon, but they seem standard enough.

I am however looking forward to a clearance sale where I can buy cheap Microsoft points :D

I think they already are.

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If I don't fill in the survey does that mean I don't get the ads? :)

Giantbomb is one of my favourite sites partly because of the no ads.

How dare you want to make a living ;)

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I feel exactly the same way about X and XII, X was great but 12 just about managed to get everything wrong. At least 13 had a battle system that didn't play itself, if you don't paradigm shift you get boned.
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Champing not chomping /pedant :)
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@craigbo180 said:
"The first paragraph of this article sounds like it was written by Wheatley. "


It really really does :)

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Male Hawke doing the sarcastic options sounds like the worst stand-up in the world, no sense of timing and the lines just clunk into place. 
Female Hawke has just the right tone of voice for a deadpan snarker, I choose that so often that the more dramatic options sound wierd now.    
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I'm having this problem too, it just started yesterday and was fine before that.
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There is a scene after the credits of FFX that shows tidus coming back, they shouldm't have made it so difficult to trigger that in X-2 tho. 
Also, how many times did I hear that music trying to beat the final boss of X?
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