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Well, now I'm glad that I haven't played any AC games after the second. That was a huge convoluted mess of mumbo jumbo.

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Damn, that's over six years ago, I was just 17 back then. I don't have as much hair as I had back then but at least I have a decent beard.

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Damn normal peasants! Glorius inverted for life!

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Anyone? I don't bite.

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I bought the game yesterday and it's been fun so far but I don't have any friends that play it.

I'm currently on the Eko server but can change server since I'm only level 11.

Open to both Exiles and Dominion.

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First of all they should release the damn thing in Scandinavia!

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I love Bungies Halo games and I'm pretty dissapointed. I knew it wasn't going to be like Halo but it really just feels like a worse Borderlands with some MMORPG stuff thrown in. Roaming around in Russia was decent but not very exciting. The first strike was just two huge bullet sponges that took forever to kill which was a big let down and I really didn't like the PVP.

It's a shame because when I first heard of Destiny I was very excited.

Edit: And they removed one of the most enjoyable things from Halo. The weapon variety.