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Never played a Nintendo game for more than a hour so I dunno

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Gears of War 3. I prefer sci fi.

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I do not own a single Final Fantasy game. Never played one either.

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@Ygg said:
I like people that buy used games but call pirates nasty names. It's so funny.   You're both refusing the publisher/developer money. Admittedly you may be giving a small amount back by purchasing DLC, though.
Buying used games gives game stores money which gives a lot of people jobs.
There's a huge difference between pirating and buying used!
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@TheFalconProduction said:

@ShaneDev:  I honestly doubt the Imperial Guard race will be available to play as, since they are people from the Imperial City which is in Oblivion. But hey, the game isn't out yet, so as far as I'm concerned, that's an imcomplete list. You may never know.

Todd Howard has confirmed that the 10 playable races from Morrowind and Oblivion will be the playable races in Skyrim
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@TobbRobb said:
Companies get no money off of used copies. So buying used you are not supporting shit, and could just have pirated instead, saving yourself 15 bucks. I'm not saying you can't sell used or that it's illegal, but it is a dick move.
Buying games used supports game stores which gives a lot of people jobs.
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Stealth, hacking, social and almost no lethal violence

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Before I was in the beta I was a little excited since it's a Bioware game and I love KotOR. The beta killed all hype for me, the dialogue was fine but it was so damn boring to play.

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I very rarely buy used games but this is bullshit.
I'll wait for a Steam sale. Won't buy it until it costs about 15 euro.

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Barb or Monk. I prefer melee classes