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Cool! Thanks for the info. I hade cheat devices on all my old consoles before the idea died out in 2005. I love breaking the games too see what happens.

I picked up the THQ Humble Bundle. I already beat Saints Row on the 360, so I wanted to see what kind of nonsense a cheat creator could generate. XXL cars? Rifles that shoot buildings that shoot people shooting rockets?

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A few months ago on the podcast Jeff was talking about a piece of software he bought. It was like a Game Genie or Action Replay for PC games. I can't remember what the name of the software was or the episode it was mentioned. Any guesses?

It's paid software, if that helps.

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Thanks for the input everybody! To answer some questions, she's had tv/film motion sickness for as long as I've known her. She can't watch hand held camera footage either, it has nothing to do with the newness of 60 fps games. The first time saw her get sick from a video was Rayman on the PC, the ultra smooth scrolling killed her.

I'll try frame limiting. If that doesn't work, we'll try sitting at off angles to the TV. It sucks, because she wants me to play Alan Wake but it makes her ill.

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I’m one of those guys that connects his TV to his gaming PC via a long HDMI cable. My wife likes watching me play games, but movement at 30 frames per second or higher gives her motion sickness. This goes for both games and movies, 120Hz HD movies also make her sick.

I’m running an NVidia card. Is there any way to limit FPS playback to 24 via a driver hack?

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@jmood88: I stopped taking X-Play reviews seriously in 06? They reviewed TOCA Race Driver and made direct comparisons to GT4, yet failed to mention that TOCA had online play, where as GT did not.

That's a gross oversight if you ask me.

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This doesn't shock me. Cable TV needs to make money, and they do so by squeezing more and more blood from an ever shrinking stone. 20 year old Re-runs of The Wonder Years would get higher advertising dollars than even the best episode of X-Play.

I'm not saying X-Play was bad, it was fun for what it was.

Look at the number of people that were live streaming the GB Farming Simulator quick look this week. I might be too drunk to accurately recall, but I swear it was in the +30,000 range. Nerd content will always be where the nerds are, and the rest of the industry needs to adapt.

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Behind the Mask? Fuck Yes! That movie is fantastic! It shows just how much cardio training a slasher villain has to do to stay in shape!

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@Milkman: Thanks!

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I never got the forums, so I don't know if this is taboo or not, but what's up with the TNT video being posted and taken down today? Was the audio way out of sync? Was it too steamy for the webbernets?

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