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Best Moment?

Jane and me, throwing the bottles and shooting them.

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Can't find the N7 Collectors Edition anywhere in my immediate continent. Time to look at local retail markets for this. If that fails then we'll just have to settle with the normal edition.

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This is probably some stupid Asari scam to do with equipment failure, in order to push you to buy a different console.

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@Swoxx said:

A. For me, but with the addition that the wiki page needs to be lacking if I'm going to do it.

Also I think it's great that the top editor for the Garrus page is, in fact .

That's because when you look up anything on universipedia these days about somebody, you can safely assume that only 99% of it is incorrect. Writing your own bio at least helps to keep people from thinking you starred in the Batarian theatrical industry.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

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Yeah it was interesting what they said about basically just drawing animals until something and another image came together and worked.

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I am also liking the facial armour on the left side. May as well protect what's left of the other half. Damn Gunships.

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Pft, Nihlus.

If he'd stayed with a team, maybe he'd have lived. He might have survived too if he kept his helmet on.

And in response to the criticism of the armour -
Huge neck shielding is always good, it means that you can be 8ft tall and your cover can be 5ft tall and you'll still have some good facial protection when crouched.
Heavier is better. It just is.
And that's not a formal dress under the plating, though it does give the image of it. Great for tactical VIP snatch and grab at formal parties. Formal bodysuit, but not a formal dress.

Also formal suits don't work in Zero Atmosphere environments.

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Goes well with my armour. Blue, black, silver. Awesome.

Also I have Zakera Ward souvenirs reserving one of these ship models for me. Maybe not within Shepard's price range and maybe not a must-have but it's just right for a vigilante's salary.

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@ssj4raditz:  Yeah, to be classy is the way to go in combat. Like fighting in classy antique stores.
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Mass Effect 3 article updated for you guys. I've posted allot of information that's been revealed so far by Gameinformer and BioWare.