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@uniform: I was just gonna post that vid. That vid alone proves Shepard is the funniest man in space.
I believe this guy is one of the funniest in the game too.
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@rhodric: The Locust SMG when used on any playthrough before Veteran feels like a Rail Gun with rapid fire capability I found.
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@DonPixel: Well from the first game it's kind of hinted that they're already coming to complete the 40,000 year cycle, they were already coming, Soveriegn was a messenger and only a small taste of the horror that was about to come.
It's not like they pissed off Soveriegn by speaking to him, since his influence was already over Saren, which Soveriegn could have picked a celebrity that was influential, but he chose somebody who was "untracable" and above the law to commit to opening the back door for Soveriegn. 
Then Mass Effect 2 happened, 2 years later and a Human-Reaper is being built. I don't know how it makes it pointless, they're not really indestructible, maybe against foot soldiers, but we know how they die now. Enough kinetic barrier damage then when the shield is gone, a bomb straight through the middle of one kills it.
Also Saren almost did kill Shepard, if he/she died then the galaxy would literally have been owned in the blink of an eye because the council refused to put forward defences and any belief in the reapers to start with. Their attitude and influence of what people are told to believe as a government is very strong. Aside from Shepard, there is only his crew and Anderson. Yes a reaper attacked the citadel but it wouldn't be widespread knowledge as to what it was, allot of information was supressed. I think in ME2 somebody even believed it was terrorists or something.
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I think Dragon Age is only appearing this way because of the fact it's Bioware's newest or one of their newer franchises. They only want it to get a good start, but I do feel that they're focusing the attention more on it. That said, I feel like it's that way, but I don't want to say bad about Bioware since they're probably pondering more DLC ideas right now for ME2. 
I've not had any experience with Dragon Age but my guess is that DLC is easier to make for it, the game takes longer to play due to it's nature (Shooter based combat is often fast paced nowadays). As well as the above factors, it may be outselling but there could well be many more reasons a marketting expert who is a gamer, could probably tell you.

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If you know what you're in for when buying Mass Effect 2 DLC, then go ahead, you'll have Kasumi who's useful in close quarters; at your back when you're going for the Shadow Broker mission. You'll also have the DLC there for any other character playthroughs you make in future or previous character saves to replay.
Also the Shadow Broker mission has allot of Bioware's usual Mass Effect humour in it, well worth the funny you will find in the DLC.
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Oh Im gonna have to go back in there and look for the videos changing after missions.
I thought the information on the Illusive Man was quite funny.

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I felt Kasumi's mission was better, yeah she says very little and is sometimes an asshole. But her mission sounds better in my books, you see, the reason is that the Hammerhead is very sensitive to organic's thoughts. Almost like it does what the pilot inside fears the most, for example putting on too much thrust or setting on fire.

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Let's not forget that even the Asari don't know who the hell made the Mass Effect Conduits.
Considering too, that faster than light travel consists of travelling faster than light, and travelling for years at that speed. I'd say that's pretty fast if you ask me. It takes 8 minutes for light to travel the distance between the Sun and Earth.  Also these things probably don't eat or drink, or get bored. And probably were heading here a long time ago. Who knows if they've purged other galaxies or worlds before coming to our galaxy?

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The whole long wait of this game coming out will at least get me some time to build and buy a new PC.
This game's release date being in 2011 must be a blessing from the Emperor, though the wait may be long, it is his wise choice that we are ready, we must use this time the Emperor has given us.

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I'm liking the heavy rifle, not so sure about the pistol but Geth Shotgun looks like it's worth a try.