The Casual Gaming Musings Of Garvaos

To be honest I have missed casual blogging, Ever since I got Plus XP running it has been reviews, news and formal opinion posts. I mean it is all well and good and i still enjoy doing it, its just after a while you do miss doing casual blogging such as this. So here it is Garvaos' casul gaimg blog. YAY.
So now I have a new job in the big city of London, or as people call it 'The Smoke' well I say job its telesales just to get the rent in.....yaaaayyyyy. But I have been gaming in my breaks and stuuf. I have gone and revived my DS with my GBA copy of Pokemon Fire Red. Nostaligia trip or what? I am enjoying replaying the game, but it is time like this I think I do need some new DS games. Back in Uni I went through a skint faze and sold 90% of my DS collection, leaving Metroid Prime Hunters, and a handfull of GBA games. Not sao bad in now though, but for some weird reason I do miss sonic and mario at the olympic games.  

Back at home on my 360 though I have once again taken a trio down memory lane and have started playing Bioshock 1. Is this becuase I spent hours watching my girlfriend playing Bioshock 2? Yeah it is a little bit, but I still love going back to games such as thios every now and again, becuase quite frankly, they are classics. Anyone who knows me, knows that I love my FPS games. and to me Bioshock has to be in my top five of all time. I mean cummon, it has to be really seeing as it made my desert island games list on gaming lives.
I do have a couple of thoughts of my own about Bioshock 2 as I am here. Only a couple if you bare with me. I gotta mention the fact that they used SHODAN's voice in some of the later levels to do Delta's Bio scan. The geek inside me nerd-gasmed greatly when I heard that. Just goes to show that the games developers still pay tribute to, what I call, the games great grand daddy, system shock. I suppose you could say that system shock is Bioshocks great grand big daddy........*que tumbleweed*
Another thing I want to mention is the fact that the game was more based on action that atmosphere in my opinion, Back to Bioshock 1 you were introduced to rapture, the spicers and everything in it slowly. Where as Bio 2 you jump straight into the action. Alright for some people granted but you really do need to play Bio 1 to get the full effect Bio 2 has to offer. Noobs to the series who have been living in a cave on mars with their fingers in their ears for the past decade will pick up Bio 2 and probably exclaim WTF?
And lastly, I wanna mention Big sister. She didnt play as much of a part in the game as I hoped. The trailers made out that she was going to be an epic part of the game, But to me she felt like a bit of a filler till right at the end. So in other words, more big sister time please, I thank you.

Well thats my musing for today/thisweek/the next time I will write this, maybe every day, maybe once a week, maybe twice a week. But most likly when I am staring at my PC not know