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Hey Guys,

I'm doing an essay on the representation of masculinity in Breaking Bad and I'd like to hear other people's points of view or ideas on what is a really key theme in the show. I've set up a survey for people who've seen the entire series to fill in here (I'll share the results with anyone who wants them):

Walt's transformation from "Mr. Chips to Scarface", as Vince Gilligan loves to call it, is so gradual and excellently done. I read in an interview with Bryan Cranston that, in the early episodes, Walt always stood hunched and burdened by the world; It wasn't until he became Heisenberg that he actually stood upright and erect.

There's also a brilliant quote from Gus, where he tells Walt how "a man provides" no matter what his family thinks of him. Do you think this is an old fashioned way of viewing the world?

What is your opinion of the way masculinity is presented in the show?

P.S. Fuck you, Ash.