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This is just to drum up interest in D4 shirt DLC.

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"Sequels They Should Make Instead" also known as Why I Played A Grand Total of 3 New Games Last Year and None of Them Were More than $10.

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Patrick when you write long articles about bad broken Ubisoft games nobody should play nobody wins but Aiden.

Think of that... as the "metagame". Or as I like to call it on my blog a "macrogame".

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This is an amazing and obviously heartfelt/personal piece, and even so there's much insane nonsense about these games (and Guitar Hero) that it'd be impossible to fit it all. There was the Kurt Cobain debacle, the pretenders to the throne (authentic or otherwise), strange fallen-through deals and songs involving everyone from Miley Cyrus down to Schnitzer, and RBN was (and is) its own fascinating stew pot of interests that could be an article all on its own. There's so many stories that just can't be told in "polite company" in the hopes of a revival however far on down the line, from scrapped songs and mined disc data and legal drama to security breaches and hacks. It's been a great ride, and I've had a seat to it all right up in the front rows, from booting up RB1 all the way to you being unimpressed with my extremely sensual take on Robin Zander and everybody singing along to "American Pie".

And because of RBN and the community that came up around these kinds of games, it still isn't completely over. There will always be a few weirdos here and there to keep the torch, self included. Great article.


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So long and thanks for all the Phish.


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Since everyone's pushing your strength at insulting bad things, I'll toss in ideas for something musical.

Idea 1: Do stuff with memorable game soundtracks and notable musicians who've done them? You can take that in any direction you want, from geeking out over Uematsu and traditional composers/arrangers, profiles on lesser-known composers for popular games, or cross into pop territory with stuff like the Beastie Boys (Grand Royal records / Jet Set Radio Future), David Bowie (Omikron), Nine Inch Nails (Quake), Mike Patton (voicework in a couple of games), HEALTH (Max Payne 3), and all sorts of other weird intersections.

Idea 2: Do stuff with the wild world of crazy out-there Japanese arcade music games? I'm pretty sure Chinatown Arcade (the original owners) had a damn Jubeat machine before they packed up for Brooklyn and turned into Next Level. That, Pop'n Music, anything ending in -mania; I don't how easy they'd be to find, even in NYC/Tri-state, but it'd be a way to go if you felt the urge for video content. Mostly because it'd be fun to watch you try to do something like this:

Idea 3: @Grimmy616 said:

Weekly Rock Band Review.

Or just digging around the library for stuff people might not have known came out. Maybe even RBN if you were feeling brave/suicidal.

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Jeff this is one of the many reasons why I like your style.

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Like anyone could ever even think for a second about voting for someone other than Dan Teasdale: The Australian Stallion.

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I had a high score on their Puzzle Fighter II machine. R.I.P. (except for Next Level which a bunch of people already linked)

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4 2 5 3 1 6


Light columns match to constellations; top pixel = 3, middle = 2, bottom = 1.

Phi probably took me less time than ISS, and both those articles are pretty weak if for drastically different reasons. Better luck next week!

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The fact that the poll was conducted via the Internet is what led to the result. Institutions with greater social (negative) impact never stood a chance against the netizen's (barf, sorry I used that word) pet causes.

But given that bias was unavoidable, the result doesn't bother me.