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Add me please. 4441-9762-3319

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That doesn't bug me that much what bugs is when a game starts that way then jumps back and when you get to that point its not the same. Killzone 3 and uncharted 2 both did that, there is also another i just played recently that did that and escapes my mind.

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Avoid it like the plauge it is awful. Got if off psn early and didn't even finish it and deleted it. Its not worth your'e time.

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Triple town, sword and poker 2, rayman jungle run, infinity field, kingdom rush, zombieville 2. These wont ever leave my phone.

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I live in america and im on prime thru my dads account and its free 2 day shipping here. Been on prime for 2 years and have yet to have any problems it has been consistent.

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@RazielCuts: Yeah it does i remember when places would ask you when you signed up but now thats the way everybody does it, ps+, netflix.

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@RazielCuts: Monthly is set to recurring. That was what it was for me was never able to choose.

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@Oni: That's how i feel. I subscribed the first year for a year then went month to month payments, just cancelled and some of the stuff i was led to believe is not true at all. Take the mobile site they said stuff like it would work better but it doesn't stopped paying and it works fine. But the thing that really bugs is when you go to become premium again on that page it says exclusive content every day and thats not right.

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@jlarss: Thats what i would do but with this game the camera would sometimes go crazy and change and all of a sudden i was going at them and when i would try to change directions the character moved to slow and i got hit.

With the camera there were times where it would get stuck when we were next to a wall so all i saw was my characters back and couldnt gage where the other character was.

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The website blaster has already talked to her she has voiced that she would like to still be on the show but as the voice on the phone or that rick is hallucinating and seeing her. She is dead.

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