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The early season injuries really set us back, and we've been too erratic since. Losing to the Knicks and then a week later murdering the Thunder? Frustrating!

This sounds like the season for the other good teams who have also been ravaged by injuries (e.g. Thunder, Bulls).

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@razzdrazz: I'm not a big Pels fan but I really like Anthony Davis. His litany of injuries in the past few years and him being a young player is making me worry for his future, plus with him being a really tall guy like Durant who has to carry a lot for his team scoring-wise, I'm just hoping that the load won't lead to them being constantly ravaged by injuries.

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I watched Madoka. It's pretty much the first magical girl anime I've ever seen, so I think maybe some of it was lost on me, but it was cool anyways. When the show picks up and the music kicks in it's about as badass as it gets. I also really enjoyed some of the characters, Red Magical Girl is the coolest one, Blue and Black are pretty awesome too. If I felt the same way about Madoka herself I think I'd like the show more, but she was kinda boring. Still I'm very glad I watched it. Dope stuff.

Also I watched Psycho Pass several weeks ago and forgot to say anything here. That shit is the shit. If the ending hadn't left me so unsatisfied, I feel like it'd be one of my favorite series. Maybe they didn't mean for it to be a cliffhanger when they wrote it, but it felt like one to me. Sometimes while watching that show I just wasn't sure how dystopian the creators intended for it to be. To me it came across all the way dystopian, but maybe that's just because I'm 95% sure I'd be a latent criminal. Between Psycho Pass and Death Note I kind of wonder if the Japanese just have some funny ideas about crime, but what do I know, I just watch anime. Psycho Pass is good though. Makes me want to wear a suit and smoke cigarettes.

Also both of these series have sequel things that I've heard mixed things about and I'm not sure whether or not to watch them. What do you guys think?

I don't feel like Psycho-Pass's ending was a cliffhanger at all. I haven't seen the second season, I guess because I liked the ending of the original so much. I thought it was nice to see an ending where they weren't out to change the world or do something ridiculous and drastic. Instead, they were really just out to stop a terrible sociopathic criminal, and that's exactly what they did.

Maybe the second season changes this, but I found the first season's ending pretty refreshing. Yes, the Sibyl system is kinda messed up, but getting rid of it suddenly would just cause way more violence than Makashima ever could. Nothing about that ending is a cut-and-dry, idealism-has-been-restored, everyone-lives-happily sort of ending. No, society is still kinda messed up and Makashima isn't the only sociopath out there who can and will fuck it up even more. Besides, given the kinds of things that happen in that series, were you expecting a good outcome?

'Course, I don't want such an ending all the time, I just thought Psycho-Pass did it exceptionally well.

The second season totally fucks this up, doesn't it? Don't tell me.

It doesn't really fuck up the ending (in regards to Kogami, etc.) but it takes place a year and a half after season one (not sure if that's that exact duration) and it doesn't really touch on Kogami's whereabouts and is more focused on Tsunemori and the Sybil System. I wouldn't necessarily say its more action heavy but it is shorter (11 episodes) and has wild twists condensed within the number of episodes. Not really a fan of certain aspects of the story though and I actually prefer the first season more.

The Psycho Pass movie however does address Kogami's whereabouts. I haven't seen it yet though but I'm hoping to watch it once its available digitally outside Japan.

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In the 90s era, Pippen is my favorite basketball player but Stockton was my favorite point guard. I kinda dislike Malone now though since he's kind of a jerk.

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I thought Jeff was Phil Jackson and Drew was Michael Jordan?

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@theht: How about hella gun hats that gives more experience to unlock that sweet spartan beret, brah?

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@i_stay_puft: Why is John Clayton staring? Why did Pete Carroll just show up out of nowhere? 0_o

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@i_stay_puft: Geez, at the moment we're not even sure in what kind of shape KD is going to be in if he even comes back during the Playoffs. If he doesn't come back, all they have to do against OKC is pretty much crowd Westbrook and dare everyone else to score against them.

They still might win even if Westbrook doesn't score. Looking at the stats sheets Enis Kanter is the second coming of Tom Chambers and Dion Waiters discovered his shooting touch.

I wonder if both first seeds being eliminated in the first round has ever happened. It'd make the storyline for the first round sound even more interesting.

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@i_stay_puft: Geez, at the moment we're not even sure in what kind of shape KD is going to be in if he even comes back during the Playoffs. If he doesn't come back, all they have to do against OKC is pretty much crowd Westbrook and dare everyone else to score against them.

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Duders, what if...

BOSTON ELIMINATES ATLANTA IN THE FIRST ROUND? Its not that even a stretch to think about considering how well Boston has been playing as of late plus Stevens has proven that he adapts very well despite sudden changes. With Stevens being able to plan for a 7-game series, I could imagine Boston pulling off an upset. It might be a long shot but its not as long as we might think initially.