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@branthog: I see what you're saying, but I think the defense of esports as sports and being athletic might partially come from people shitting all over it. Yeah, it's not the best term but until we get something better the people who hate it because of the comparison to "real" sports should back off because whining about how they aren't throwing enough balls doesn't help anybody.

The problem I see with "gaming competition" or something to that effect is the fear(or reality) that they will be dismissed as silly games. Mainstream sports seem to have transcended the idea of being just a game even if they are just that. I don't love the term esports either and I feel a little silly whenever I say it but a better term doesn't exist at the moment. I also dislike when people attempt to detract from the amount of skill and effort that goes into these games. It might be a different skill set but I would absolutely argue that it's just as difficult as any other sport.

And for the record, I know you're not one of the people I'm talking about, just making conversation.

I should clarify that I have a pet-peeve about people abusing words in a disingenuous way to promote their own agenda; this falls right in line with that. So I have an inherent pedantic dislike of this whole thing. :)

Anyway, Poker isn't a sport, but had huge coverage on ESPN and lots of people enjoy watching it. Nobody was fooled into thinking "well, poker is obviously a sport!". Likewise, calling video games a sport isn't going to fool anyone, so they might as well just call it what it is.

A lot of skill and talent goes into basketball or counter strike or chess or ballet or playing the cello, but these are all different activities. Sports defines a particular activity that employs a certain subset of skills and talents. Other things define activities focusing on other ones.

I think part of the reason people shit all over it is the audacity of trying to claim you're a sport when you are definitively not. If you don't call yourself a sport, there's one less thing for people who don't like your event anyway and never will to shit on.

Someone who is going to dismiss "Counter-Strike Tournament/Competition" is also going to dismiss it if it is called "eSports". So, I say, why not use the one that is actually appropriate? At the least, anyone judging the form of competition will have to do so on its own merits and not merely dismiss it because it isn't a sport.

That's why I also subscribe to using the term "competitive (video) gaming" as opposed to the term "e-Sports". David Philip Graham, a prominent fighting game commentator who is also an attorney, wrote about this a year ago and how he is also pretty much against the use of "sports" as a way to legitimize the various competitive gaming scenes. Its the fastest way to get legitimacy but then there are also some associated caveats to it as well and he feels that its better that "competitive gaming" should try to stand on its own merits rather than try to use the term "e-Sports" and trying very hard to associate it with various types of sports in order to gain legitimacy.

It's a very long editorial but if any of you duders got some free time, I suggest reading that article. He tries to frame it from a fictional perspective in the future where "e-Sports" is extremely popular at the start of every section and then proceeds to makes some very good points in terms of the caveats/disadvantages.

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Maybe. But there could be an ethical problem there. It's my understanding that e-sports teams get all the money from prizes and whomever owns the team doesn't. The owner makes money on sales of their actual product or see the team as advertising to increase sales elsewhere. The school probably can't take any money from the prize pool and, unless they hold an event themselves, they probably won't make money directly from the sport itself. Maybe if they sell merchandise?

I guess merch and sponsorship would be one way to go. I'm not American myself so have a very lose understanding of college sports and how they raise money.

Riot pretty much controls a lot in terms of their competitive gaming scene. They're the ones who are giving the allowances to the players (even though the players are managed by teams that are not owned by Riot), setting up the tournaments, etc. but since the scholarship program in this school already has a direct relationship with Riot via Ferris Ganzman, they can probably work some things out in terms of any ethical issues that might arise. Riot already has a dedicated team that they employed specifically to research online behavior with their community and how they can manage it, I guess they should also have a small team that is also dedicated to the collegiate scholarship aspect of it as well.

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There is ALMOST nothing funnier than watching the giant bomb fellas playing gang beasts. Every single time I laugh endlessly when they fire it up. There was a really super epic amazing battle at the ferris wheel map that I seriously watched 20 times it made me laugh so hard. This game is the best thing and unfortunately local multiplayer sucks but this game would NOT be fun online hearing the reaction of people and seeing them escape as you chase them and go COME BACK HERE!!! and punch them into a machine.

I hope they don't change too much. I don't like double fine's art style in any of their games so I have a feeling they are going to ruin it with their style. Leave it the way it is. More content. More bugs!

Double Fine has no input whatsoever with those games only that they are just helping them publish and finish it, not necessarily change the mechanics or art style AFAIK.

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@branthog: Yeah, its surprisingly responsive! I don't play with my Xbox 360 as much now but I was using the Smart Glass app for a time when it was first released and it was super useful.

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I thought this game had actual multi-player. The phrase "local-multiplayer" just killed all the interest I had in this title. This is a shitty trend in gaming, recently. At least, indie games. I'm sorry, but as a grown ass man, I just don't know enough people who play games and who would all get together, come over to my house at the same time for a play-date, and sit around on a couch like children playing a video game. It's hard enough to even think of getting several grown men in different places on the planet to all play the same game on the same gaming platform at the same time on the same day for internet-based co-op/multi-player.

you're not making a strong argument for your case when you're basically insulting the kind of people to whom this game caters to. i'm glad things like this are making a comeback, and they hit a certain nostalgia spot with me. and a lot of people have roommates they can play this kind of stuff with (i.e. me).

You both make valid points though I'm one of the people that @branthog is also describing. It's really, reeeeeeally tough for me to justify buying these kinds of games even though I really would love to play them because I can't have have a get together with friends, which sucks since the closest friends I have that also like to play games also don't live in the same state or country and thus, we can only play online MP games. It's just unfortunate since I would really love to introduce games like this and its ilk (e.g. Towerfall, Samurai Gunn, the Sportsfriends games) to my friends. Local MP is just not at all feasible considering all our living situations, careers, etc. These are the kind of games that DOES cater to me and my friends, and its unfortunate that we can't experience it because its local MP only.

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I have noticed that for whatever reason sometimes the button to post messages on the forums don't work on mobile, but after a page refresh it might. Similarly for whatever reason sometimes I can't select the input for the message body.

Also is there any change that quotes will be implemented for mobile?


I have had better success posting messages on GB through the Glass app on ipad connected to the XB1 running Internet Explorer than using, say, Safari or Chrome on iOS. :)

You mean the Smart Glass app?

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@azrailx: I can vouch for Baccano. I enjoyed it!

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@lelcar: Ah awesome! Great to hear that you like it!

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Personally I could not locate the Sears Tower in Watch_Dogs. It's in Chicago right?

Yeah, its now known as Willis Tower by the way, not Sears.

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That Kojima tweet is the first one that has legit made me go "Hmmmmmm".

Really made me wonder if he's gonna do a Snatcher re-make with Ryan Gosling. 0_o

Also someone needs to do a photoshop project of this Snatcher cover with Ryan Gosling's face