Digging Through my old PC games

Earlier this week I decided to start a epic endevour in order to discover the mysterys of the past. I have embarked on a archeological dig in my own closet where I have recently found a massive pile of prehistoric PC games. So upon recevieing the proper amount of funding to launch a Acheological dig I set of and traveled to the site to begin this endevour of uncovering our prehistoric past. As I began to carefully excavate the site I ran across games I had nearly forgotten like the agatha crisite adventure games "The Orient Express" along with "And Then There Were None." As the dig progressed I started to order my findings and so far I have excavated many games belonging to "The Age of Empire" franchise and as I continue to dig deeper I have been finding the older battlefield games and medal of honor games. But as I continue my excavation I am running across even older games like some of the orginal sim citys and also the oldest find to date would be "Lego Chess". I will continue to dig and report my I also ran across old sim city games , A large pile of the age of empire franchise, then I found another large pile of the old Battlefield games near the back of the, and I also discoverd alot of my old and beloved games like "Lego Chess". Well I am going to keep digging through who knows what I will find next.