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Hmmm, very tempting indeed to toddle on down to the big smoke for this. Put me down as a highly positive maybe for right now.

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I'm rather odd about tomatoes. I hate actual tomatoes and ketchup, but I'm all good with a tomato based cooking sauce you typically find in Italian cooking. I was told once by a professional that this might have something to do with my dumb dyslexic brain, but I wouldn't publish that as scientific fact.

Also, vinegar is just the worst and instantly ruins any food it touches.

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I can only echo the thoughts of other people here. Having Brad as host really pepped up the show, as Jeff works at his best when not burdened with the task of keeping the show running. Would be totally cool if this was the norm from now on.

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Ooooh, this is very tempting. Didn't do it last year, but I think I'll be joining this. Mid table mediocrity, here I come!

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Both of those first films are brilliant, but only one had that shotgun. Twirling that thing is the coolest that Arnie's ever looked. Glad to see Sarah Conner Chronicles getting some attention here, that show was fantastic. As @ch3burashka says, that show ended with a brilliant idea that would have super interesting to see play out.

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Not really itching to plunge on back in to Dark Souls 2, so I think I'll pick this up when it's all three parts together. I don't know what it is, but this game doesn't have a the same spark the first one did, despite a lot of things being empirically better. Think I feel a bit like @viciousbearmauling, the more I played, the less I liked the game.

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@jertje: I'd forgotten about that one! Dammit, now I have to watch Commando tonight.

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Kurt Russell and Bruce Willis might have been in a couple of really great films, but this isn't even a contest. Both in sheer number and quality, Arnie takes this by a country mile. I mean, Commando alone contains both of these images in one glorious package;

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I often play a lady in games when I can probably because most games where you can't, you play as a straight white dude, which gets tiring after a bit. I mean, I have to be a straight white dude for the other hours of the day, so some variety is appreciated. Sometimes though, I like to see how the gender politics of the game are or in the case of Mass Effect, I just simply prefer the female voice actor.

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Perhaps not on it's own but I really think that this could work as a thing that they do on UPF.