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Absolutely, the gameplay is the best in the series in my opinion and there are amazing moments dotted throughout the game. While it's way of handling side quests is more than a little ropey and it really doesn't land the ending, the main stuff is great and well worth playing. The DLC really does add something to the mix too, so if you can, play that too.

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@nightriff: I love both Iron Man 1 and 3, with my affection for the latter is largely due to the Shane Black script. Bloody love that guy's writing. Iron Man 2 was a massive disappointment, for once they had an interesting villain and then locked both him and his cockatoo in a lab for nearly the whole film.

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@babychoochoo: Objectively, it's a very smart move, especially after GTA 5 got scheduled to come out at pretty much the exact same time. Now they drop in to a nice, calm area where they can be the main focus for racing fans.

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Seems like Project CARS is becoming a victim of delays, as according to those scamps at Gamespot the game's now going to be out in Q1 2015, not next month as originally planned. While it's kind of nice that they've been open and said it was for competition reasons, it's a smidge disappointing, as Project CARS was looking like one of the games that was going to get me to jump into the current generation. Was anyone else here looking forward to possibly the most Drew and Danny game coming out?

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Follow the money

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Perhaps not the score, but what critics say about a game absolutely affects how I buy them. I don't get to buy many games (hell, I've not even been able to afford a new console yet) and not too much free time any more so what critics say has a massive impact on what I buy.

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I think that of stuff currently released, Shadow of Mordor and South Park look like front runners with Shovel Knight, Wolfenstein, Transistor and Jazzpunk getting pretty far up the list. Depends how many of them play Bayonetta 2 and if Far Cry 4 avoids the pot holes it's predecessor fell in to. Destiny is almost nailed-on for Biggest Disappointment.

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Yet again, humanity disappoints. I just can't even begin to understand the mentality of these morons.

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There is a big difference between being a good actor and a good voice actor. Take John DiMaggio and Peter Dinklage for example. DiMaggio barely does any real-life acting, but he's an incredible and prolific voice actor. Dinklage on the other hand is brilliant in front of the camera, but we all know he's not exactly stellar in Destiny. It's a completely different set of skills. From what I've heard, Keifer just seems to be doing Keifer, which is kind of disappointing. It really surprises me that more game studios don't record their voice actors in groups so they can bounce off each other and give a more natural performance. Probably a whole lot more of a headache to arrange, but surely the results would be worth it.

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As someone who's only ever really played games on consoles, 30 frames is a-ok with me. Make the game really pretty and stable at that and I'm all good. But hey, I'm still stuck on the last generation of consoles, so most games coming out now on the new machinery look lovely to me.