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Well, good thing McLaren have a pretty damn capable reserve driver to step in. Hope Fernando's ok, the field would be massively worse off without him.

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That being said, I would love to see Alonso in a red speedo and vizflo bodypaint in a wind tunnel looking seductivly at the camera, that would be hilarious

Personally, I think that lime green paint would look amazing in his beard.

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"Test driver" is a title you buy nowdays anyways and if its gonna be that way we might aswell get some woman in there. At the very least it will be just another paydriver who gets a few practise laps in an F1 car and at best it can inspire some future female racers who knows. People usually celebrate Susie Wolff but its the same deal there only she manages to be more popular somehow.

I think Susie Wolff get's an easier ride because earlier in her career she looked genuinely quick and then showed herself at least competent against some rather big names in the DTM. She was never going to set the world on fire, but at least she wasn't always plum last.

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Wow, this has really bummed me out. His last tweet is really poignant;

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FIA has APPROVED Manors application for entry. If they do manage to turn up, I really hope its all black like the render on the Manor GP website. I am really curious about who they could get for the second driver. It has to be a paid ride right? I think the Chilton family's Aon cash has dried up(his brother Tom doesn't even drive under Aon anymore).

V8 Supercars hit the track around 9:30 pm ET for the first 2 races of the year if anyone is interested. They have Mark Webber on the broadcast team.

Now they've been officially confirmed, I'm sure they'll be a fair number of drivers with heavy cheque books wanting that other seat.

Mercedes have finally bolted on a set of soft tyres and gone a second quicker than anyone else, with Christian Horner saying "Looking at that Mercedes time is a little depressing". McLaren have finally done 100 laps in a day. Button promptly then ground to a halt on lap 101.

Also, Lotus have hit the publicity button and hired Carmen Jorda as their new development driver. Cynically, you might think it's because she's a very pretty lady with a healthy bank balance, but I'm sure her record 28th, 30th and 29th placed finishes in the last three GP3 seasons made her an outstanding candidate. Especially when you consider that her GP3 car last year was an absolute dog, I mean, Dean Stoneman only got a pole position, two wins and a second place when he replaced her for the last 4 races of the season.

No surprise that Whincup's on pole in the V8 Supercars, but I'm really happy to see Scott McLaughlin there in P2, really like what I've seen of his driving and that Volvo looks utterly brilliant.

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Nope, I like stuff that I know is kind of awful and don't mind being told it is. The world would be boring if everyone liked the same things.

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PLEASE STOP: John Travolta

Although obviously he's also cringingly entertaining.

Oh, you mean Glom Gazingo?

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Hmmm fifa committee has now officially suggested that the 2022 world cup in Qatar take place in November / December because of the heat, under a shortened schedule.

This is going to cause massive upheaval to the domestic leagues world wide. The 2022 world cup is shaping up to be a massive clusterfuck.

It already has been from the very start.

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Just thought I'd pop into here to say how sad it is that Parma FC are basically being dissolved. No one at the club's been paid since last July, and their last game against Udinese was cancelled because they couldn't even afford to run the match. It's a really sad end for a club that fielded so many fantastic players during the late nineties and even won the Uefa Cup.

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Doom's shotgun will always be right up at the top of the list, but the Halo and Gears of War shotguns are mighty fine boomsticks.