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@xenonick: I thinks so too. Botas was also really good, though.

Exactly my thoughts too. Riccardo and Bottas have been sensational throughout the year, but Ricciardo's killer instinct and overtaking ability really have shone this year. I think Lewis has driven excellently this year and deserves the title, but Mercedes' ridiculous car makes it kind of easy for him and Nico.

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It's not too much of a surprise, but Mercedes go first and second in both the practice sessions today, Lewis taking both by a small margin. Mixed bag for the rest really, Fernando was third in the first session but didn't really get any running time in the second thanks to an electrical fault and Williams had a rather alarming time in the first session with bits of their bodywork falling off on track. New boy Will Stevens has been slowly working his way up the back of the pack, finishing FP2 only 1.5 seconds off Kobayashi. Red Bull look pretty good, Vettel was fourth in both sessions with smiley Dan not far behind. Once again though, no-one looks like they'll be able to touch those Mercs.

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I've always loved the word 'mellifluous' and the phrase 'ectoplasmic residue'.

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@dave_tacitus: I think it was simply that he couldn't get his head around the RB10. Different engines and cars suit different styles, and this car just didn't suit him. He'd perfected cornering with the V8 car by jumping super early on the throttle so early in the corner in a way that Mark Webber simply couldn't. It rather helped that the fancy aero and electronics that those particular Renault/Red Bull packages had were basically tuned to perfection for him (perhaps past the point of legality may I add). Anyway, now the very obvious cat's out of the Bologna bag, it'll be very interesting to see how he and Ferrari too. Question though @majid, as a Ferrari fan, who would you like to see take Kimi's seat at the end of 2015?

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I'm pretty much in the same boat as you my friend. I've yet to decide which one of these to plump for and the decision is rather tough. The sheer power of the PS4, PS+ and games like Bloodborne, No Man's Sky and anything Naughty Dog do is pushing me towards there, but I'm far more invested in the Xbox ecosystem and there are more exclusives there that appeal to me (Gears, Halo, Ori and Blind Forrest, Forza etc). I'd love to have both, but unfortunately that isn't going to happen any time soon. Decisions, decisions....

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It's been a fantastic change. It makes Brad more involved and let's Jeff be more Jeff. I still miss V-Bomb though....

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His entire answer to the question 'Are you concerned about struggling teams and the impact this will have on F1' just has me shaking my head. Teams have come and gone in the past and while people who don't care about the sport might not know the names Minardi, Brabham and Tyrell, F1 fans do. The little teams are crucial to the future of F1 and it's crucial that they survive without just having to take on pay drivers. Adrian Newey started at March, Aryton Senna at Toleman, James Hunt at Hesketh, it's a vital proving ground for young talent. Also, I'm pretty sure Oscar Pistorius was rather well known before the trial.

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That's really cool of you Rorie. I mean, I'm not entering the competition as I've never liked WoW, I just wanted to commend Rorie on his awesomeness and wish everyone else good luck.

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So Bernie's now come out and said that F1 doesn't need young fans as they don't have any worth to the sport's sponsors. Utterly bonkers statement to make about any sport, especially F1. Bernie really needs to have a think about the direction that he's trying to lead the sport.

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I don't think that a lot of games have really satisfying endings as they're always leaving wiggle room for sequels, a lot like films nowadays

The only one that springs to mind is Red Dead Redemption. I think that The Last of Us has a great ending, but I don’t know if I’d call it satisfying. Same with Modern Warfare 2. I mean pulling a knife out of your chest and throwing it into the bad guy’s eye was insanely satisfying, but then the actual ending’s just a set up for the next game.

I think that endings to modern games are usually kind of weak and my memory’s not working well enough at this moment to remember older stuff.