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Just asking guys, but does anyone know how I can watch Korra in the UK? I fell of the band wagon at the end of book two (unintentionally, just missed the third series being on really) but does anyone know if it's available outside of the States?

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Bloodbourne, I basically got a PS4 because of that game. Uncharted 4 and Witcher 3 are also looking mighty good. Trying my hardest not to get on the hype train though.

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I just think it sucks that shitty people being shitty can ruin stuff for everyone else anonymously. This might not have been Citizen Kane (personally I thought it looked OK though), but I feel bad for the people who worked on this film that won't be able to see the fruits of their labours on screen.

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While this will make a whole load of cash and the idea of a Telltale game for kids is very appealing, I still have zero idea why Minecraft is such a valuable IP. My niece is bonkers for it, but I just don't get it. I love Lego, but Minecraft just doesn't have the same lovely tactile feeling that those little Danish bricks do.

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Firstly @sharnie, there are no stupid questions when it comes to video games. They are full of dumb stuff and that's why we love them. Like others have said before, just bump the difficulty down and see how you like to play. The great thing about RPGs like Dragon Age is the flexibility they offer when it comes to playing them. When it comes to making a party, the only advise I'd give to you is to make sure you have people for every role, just like @hurricaneivan29 explains. Have fun questing and such.

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You know what, after watching that I'm very glad that I don't have a sodding clue what the hell's going on with the internet any more.

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While Alaska sounds pretty neat, the prospect of a Far Cry game with dinosaurs is too blinking brilliant to let slip away.

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I've not played Destiny yet, but that sort of scene strikes me as right in Bungie's wheelhouse. I mean, haven't there already been a few scenes like that between Cortana and the Master Chief (although not with as much nuance)? Seems a real shame if they've lost that from their repertoire.

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I play games a whole lot less these days, namely due to a much bigger work schedule and I'm now living with a partner who's not really in to video games. I actually probably spend as much time on here as I do playing games nowadays.

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Kind of sucks for Kevin, he showed flashes of real speed but just didn't have the consistent race pace and craft of Button. His real battle will be to stop Stoffel Vandoorne from stealing that seat in 2016. I think that in the short term, McLaren have made the right choice.

Edit - Also, thank goodness that the worst secret in Formula 1 is finally out of the bag in regards to Fernando. As a McLaren fan, I really hope Alonso delivers like we all know he can.