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Once again, Mr Muir, you have proved your brilliance.

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I usually go with characters I like from history or other pop culture stuff. If I can theme them, then all the better. For example, my faith and sword based build on Dark Souls 2 is called Joan (after Joan of Arc) and my strength guy is called Ahab, for like his Moby Dick based namesake, he is on a fruitless quest for revenge that will only end in pain.

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Just asking everyone here, is the DLC actually any good? I've grown less fond of this game my second time through, mainly due to it's tendency to throw loads of enemies at you at once on (not helped by me trying to play this game as fast duel-wielder and having rather limited skill). So are these expansions going to drive me nuts?

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@brendan: Nope, not just you, he's getting properly booed. Wonder if the crowd has a lot of Brits in it.

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Have to say that even though the Merc drivers are dominating the standings, Bottas and especially Ricciardo have been the outstanding drivers of this championship. Also, has the real Kimi Raikkonen finally showed up?

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Whenever Mercedes hobble themselves, it always makes for a brilliant race. Come on Valteri, go for the win!

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Congrats Vinny, another heir to the VinnCo empire is always news to be celebrated.

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Oh Pastor, never change. The BBC's commentary is brilliantly condescending.

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@burgavo: Yeah, it's been a while since there was anyone from the Dutchman on the F1 grid. Personally though it would be Robin Frijns who put an end to that, but always good to get some Oranje in the pack.

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Skysports are now saying Alexander Rossi might not be driving the race? what's going on at marussia?

Yeah, the BBC are saying that too. I'm just waiting for them to do alternate stints in the car Le Mans style.

Also, on this whole Verstappen business, I think he's too young. He might be very quick, but you need time to develop your racecraft and your driving style. I think they should have given the drive to Sainz and then give Verstappen his seat in Formula Renault 3.5, it's a proving ground Red Bull have used for some time now and it's done them fairly well.