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If I'd had the money, I would have been very, very tempted to buy an Xbox One for Titanfall. It looked like the game that was going to tip me over the edge of getting a 'current-gen' system, along with the promise of weird stuff like Quantum Break alongside my long standing affection for the Forza series (5 is the first I have not bought so far). Good job that Dark Souls 2 came along when it did.

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@billymagnum: Thanks duder, this shall be consumed as soon as possible.

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So, having been rushed off my feet moving house over the last half a week, I wasn't able to watch the now infamous panel that took place at PAX. So, basic question, where is the best place for me to find it for my viewing pleasure? I know it was all broadcast via Twitch, so is the PAX channel the place to see it?

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Well, that's the best thing about Bungie gone right there, the Halo music was always a massive part of those games and his absence for me was one of the reasons Halo 4 felt a bit flat for me.

I've no doubt that he'll be snapped up right away though, he's not only a brilliant talent, but a great name for another developer to sign.

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I've not seen True Detective yet, but how is this even a question? He's great in everything. Heck, he even made Defendor a watchable film!

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The reason to kill the dragon pre-post-game is to get his giant soul, which brings Vendrick's defense down to normal if you have all 5 of them. Yeah, post-game there is really no reason to bother.

If you have 4, his defence is only doubled and really not that bad. Wouldn't have thought such a skinny guy would take so many hits....

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@karkarov said:

Just as an aside there is no reason to kill the option bosses unless you want to. Ancient Dragon in particular is a basically pointless kill.

I tried murdering his scaly posterior last night, and got burned to a toasty crisp three times in a row. That flying 'flame-down' attack has a rather insane radius.

@gatehouse: If you haven't done so already you should invade the miracle merchant with the cracked eye orb. Other than that there is really only the obvious buy the items from late game merchants and beat optional bosses.

Oh? I can invade her world and find out what's the deal with her? Now that does sound tempting.

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How have I only just seen this. Goodness I love Bowie, now I have to listen to Ziggy Stardust again.

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Having finished the game and beaten the last boss into an arrow filled pulp, is there anything else to really do before NG+, or is simply a case of farming for souls and buying stuff before I embark on the journey all over again.

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I'd have to say I'm a console gamer, but that's simply due to my lack of a decent PC. It can play stuff like Stanley Parable and Football Manager, but nothing really more strenuous than that. Also, 60 fps still weird me the heck out for some reason, my eyes just are not used to it.