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A female lead character would be an interesting step and finally blow that whole "female characters can't sell video games" guff out of the water.

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Well, now I know my deadline for getting a PS4. You've hurt me before From Software, but this looks too damn good to miss out on.

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Winning by default as it's the only new game I've bought this year, Dark Souls 2. Really should get my hands on South Park sometime soon.

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As @zolroyce says, this is a very similar discussion to whether Alien or Aliens is better. In both examples, the first does the horror better, the second does action much better. Overall, I'm going to go for Dead Space 2, because of the expanded variety of locations and the introduction of the Stalkers. Wouldn't blame anyone for choosing the first one though. Dead Space 3? Well, let's just not talk about that one shall we.

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@shindig Now, for me, making up a fantasy racing calendar is hard as you have to balance what circuits would be enjoyable for the drivers and what would make a good race. So, Assen, which I'm sure the drivers would love and the cars would look fantastic on, is out because it's too narrow for really great F1 racing (I think it's utterly brilliant for bikes though). So, I would have as my calendar (in what I think is a pretty good order);

  • Mount Panorama – Australia
  • Sepang International Circuit – Malaysia
  • Shanghai International Circuit – China
  • Silverstone – Great Britain
  • Catalunya – Barcelona
  • Portimao – Portugal
  • Circuit de Monaco – Monaco
  • Monza – Italy
  • Mugello – Italy
  • Istanbul Park – Turkey
  • Spa-Francorchamps - Belgium
  • Red Bull Ring - Austria
  • Circuit Gilles Villeneuve - Canada
  • Brands Hatch – Great Britain
  • Circuit of Wales – Wales
  • Marina Bay Circuit - Singapore
  • Suzuka – Japan
  • Interlagos – Brazil

When it comes to Formula E, I think that street circuits really are the way to go, the twistier the better.

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Only just seen the highlights, but what an absolutely ludicrous move by Prost. Heidfeld seemed to have played that race perfectly tactically and then Prost just rams him like an absolute amateur. I think the cars really need to be faster though, the wide shots looked almost in slow motion. Also, am I the only one a little confused why they have gears?

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Wow, that's pretty dang odd. What was the e-mail about?

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Guardians Of The Galaxy – 4/5 – A massive barrel of fun from beginning to end. Funny and frenetic, it is right up there with Marvel’s best. While its lack of a good villain might hold it back a bit, I was smiling too much to care. Also, who would thought that a tree could express three words in such a variety of ways?

Sex Tape – 1/5 – A spit-thin premise poorly padded out. Tries to be naughty and outrageous but just ends up being boring and shapeless. A completely random sub-plot with Rob Lowe really didn't help to keep everything on track. Had one or two slight chuckles, but overall just nothing like funny enough. Works far better as an advert for iPads than it does as a piece of comedy.

Belle – 3/5 – While I’m not the most partial to period dramas, this one had a solid base to it that many don’t. Had a fairly superfluous pub-plot that veered more into costume-drama tropes, but the better than average characters pulled it through the duller parts. Some really strong performances Tom Wilkinson’s pretty much great in everything though, so that helps.

What If – 4/5 –Charming little romantic comedy, mainly due to a couple of great leads in Daniel Radcliffe and Zoe Kazan, a sparky script and Adam Driver. A cut above the average rom-com (even though it’s not up to the 500 Days of Summer comparisons) with an excellent soundtrack too.

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The first thing I heard about it was when I came out of school that day, I must have been in Year 8 (I think that's 7th Grade in American). I remember my dad picking me up and the Chris Moyles Show on Radio 1 (a really upbeat and comedic afternoon show over here) was super subdued and was basically just giving updates of what was going on. Spent the rest of the day watching the BBC news.

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Yep, done this a couple of times, once at a restaurant when I wasn't really paying attention. Got lucky there though, but my preference for cubicles (or stalls depending on your locale) has definitely saved my skin when I wasn't so fortunate.