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Got it for the 360 when it went on sale after Christmas on Amazon UK - £22 is a damn good price!

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It's a shame that Spartan Ops can get a bit laggy, it's just the same problem that Firefight had on Reach.

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Yeah, there are still challenges - now they're split up into campaign, Spartan ops and multi player challenges.

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So, yeah, a minor point, but is there no option to turn scoring on for the campaign now?

In Halo 3 and Reach it was good fun having scoring on, either for mucking around with friends or to see all the cool multi-kills you were getting, can't see an option to turn campaign scoring on with Halo 4.

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Chalk up another glitch. While I was just playing I ended my turn and the game became stuck with Alien Activity written at the bottom of the screen. I could pan around the map but couldn't select any of my troops and the enemy wouldn't move or fight.

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Well that does explains why a couple of my guys died then, as they were both mind-controlled at the time. What is still unexplained is what triggered the death of the Overlord, as it was an alien activity turn and I sure as hell wasn't firing at him!

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Just wondering what game glitches you guys have run into while playing XCOM? Up until last night I'd had some fairly commonplace ones: my squad turning invisible, certain characters not being able to move and game freezes. All have been resolved with a reload of a save game or the restart of the console.

Then I hit a truly weird glitch. So, it's the final mission (I won't reveal much, I promise), in the last room. Suddenly, on an enemy turn, all the remaining aliens suddenly die through no action of my own. As well as this, two of my own guys are killed - again, through no action of the enemy. Then the game cuts to the last cinematic sequence.

Now I don't mind a few minor glitches, but my game has gone and completed itself without me having to fight the last enemies!

So, what kind of glitches have you guys encountered?

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I went to work and missed out on all this. There's a lesson to be learnt there, folks.

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I'm always up for some Horde at the weekend! Less time mid-week.

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Sweet. Add me too, gentlemen. GT: gateht

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