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I just emptied 1 1/2 combat rifle clips into his face.  The entire fight took under 15 seconds.

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I'm hoping the price is in line with the PSP's when it launched.  Ah, hell.  Who am I kidding?

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@CharkeeFarlee: lol
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Oh God... 

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Warning.  Thar be spoilers below. 
Jayden died within the ARI, with blood seeping out of his eyes and nose.  It was a creepy moment when I realized that his eyes were bleeding, but seeing him die in that state was terribly fitting given the course of actions I took throughout the game (used the drugs at every opportunity).  Scott died after getting shot twice by Ethan and falling into the water.  This was the 'spite' death. 
Really, I thought the game was entertaining.  It had some holes, but nothing that detracted from my enjoyment.  Jayden's death went a long way toward making this game VERY memorable for me.  The finger cutting scene was also memorable and depressing.    
Early on, when Ethan is with his son at the playground, was the "moment of the game" for me.  Ethan knows that his negligence had cost him his job(?), one of his boys, his wife, and the affection of his surviving son.  He fears he is losing his mind and even in these circumstances he sees that his son is drifting away from him farther than possibly imagine.  His son is also suffering from depression and it burns him to see that his own child has nothing to look forward to.  Trying to lift his son's spirits, he begins to play with him and the boy smiles for the first time in what was probably weeks.  He continues to play with his son and his son takes on qualities that he has lost.  The entire time this scene plays out the characters or oblivious to the dark days that are ahead.  The character are entirely unaware of what you, the player, know will come. 
Loved that. 
The game isn't perfect, but it resonated with me on a personal level.

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Holy God that game was kind of awesome. 
Two of my characters died, one in an appropriate way and the other out of spite.   
So good.

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@JJOR64: It was more entertaining that most RPGs that have come out in the last 4 years.
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The abandoned school on Pulse was my favorite area.  Non-combat and gave a lot of history in just visual design.  Loved the garden on the roof of the building and the once-peaceful world it implied.

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So I finished FF13 and I think the gameplay was wonderful.  This marks the second game I've completed in 2010 (other being Mass Effect 2) which probably is a record, when it comes to me and completing games.   FF13 structure-based spoilers below.
Back to FF13, after I beat the game I went back and did around 30 of the missions plus a lot of aimless wandering.  Total clock time on the game was 60hrs.  I did grind after the end of the game but, like FFX, it was all done on my own terms and entirely for optional objectives so I was able to stomach it.  When I realized how much time it would take to deck out my characters in optimal gear I put the game back on the shelf, still satisfied with the time I spent with it. 
Fun game.

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The labyrinthine mazes and random encounters that I despised in previous FF games have been stripped out.  The dull towns are gone, as are the shops and inns that never seemed to work well in previous games.  The mandatory grind has been entirely removed.  Micromanagement has been eliminated and battles now concentrate entirely on macro strategy. 
These are all changes to things that have annoyed me in previous jRPGs and yet the game is still bittersweat.  What I would think would be the perfect jRPG is still plagued with something that makes it hard for me to absolutely love the game - the anime storyline, dialog, and characters.  On second is great.  I love it.