Geometry Wars 2 Impressions

 Alright, I know I promised a review of Assassins' Creed really soon, and I intend to deliver. But right after that there's going to be another for Geometry Wars 2. Why?

Because that game is awesome.

 Serves me right for taking a break during a long session of Assassins' Creed. Now I find it hard to go back. There simply is no time sink like Geometry Wars 2. Let's just get it out of the way; the gameplay is tight and simple, and the presentation is lively and engaging. Expect an excellent review to come.

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Assassins' Creed Impressions

  I'm currently have my first Giant Bomb review in the works. Recently I finally picked up a copy of Assassins' Creed, a game which I wanted to play since it was released in 2007, but haven't managed to pick up until now. At this moment I have very mixed feelings about that fact.
 On one hand it is a truly stellar game with excellent presentation, smooth gameplay, and perhaps more importantly, a distinct style that makes it impressive to play and to watch. It is truly a case where a games style has not only impacted the presentation, but the gameplay as well.
 On the other, I'm not certain I would have been as impressed with the game had I paid $70 for it. It migh be cool, but it certainly is repetitive.
 This particular game has made me think it might be a good idea to try out a "Value" rating in my reviews. I'm going to try it out for a while and see how I feel about it.
 I'm close to finished the game, so the review should be going up soon.

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The Grand Opening Entry

 Here begins my Giant bomb profile, so I think it's fitting that I set out a few things.
 First, I'll be using this space mostly for reviews. My reviews will not follow a strict structure, nor do I intend for final evaluations to be equally influenced all categories equally. My final score shall be based, as is the way of the industry these days, upon only my personal impression of the game as a whole. In essence, how much fun I ultimately had with a game will determine the score. However within the body I aim to be methodical and accurate, and as such will discuss gameplay and presentation in an orderly and complete fashion, and consider problems in seperate sections following each topic.
 Unfortunately, my habits steer me towards excellent games, so expect review scores to be high for at least the first little while, until I can get myself some crap to play. Finally on this subject, I'm with the Giant Bomb crew about DLC and patches. I'll only consider them at the time of review if they are currently available.
 Second, I'll be using this blog pretty much exclusively as a place to record my pre-review thoughts. I wouldn't expect too much more of it.

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