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Civ 5. The time will fly by.

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@MysteriousBob said:

" Dollars means nothing to me. Whats that in pounds? "

Convertion rate makes it around £189.
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@TooWalrus said:
" That's my one problem with the 3DS. If they're going to be porting N64 games (which they are), they should hav an equipivant for the c-buttons on the N64 controller, which might as well be a 2nd joystick. Not just for FPS', but also for camera control, the touch screen camera controls for Super Mario 64 DS were garbage. "
More likely the c buttons will be the D-Pad. Course this would be somewhat annoying as you're taking your hand off the nub.
That, or people will use the sensor for some sort of camera controls.
Personally I'm not bothered about a second analog nub, but I haven't experienced any PsP games so, yeah.
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Mostly depends on my disposable income at that time really, also it can depend on the release date.
I do hope it comes out around the same month as the Ds did here in the UK instead of in the battlefield of Christmas time.

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To all that helped make this.
You guys are awesome.

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My first game console was a Sega Master System when I was around 5 years old. 
Thing is, the Sega Mega Drive was already out and my family was poor around then so I had to get the cheaper console.

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@xyzygy said:
" @Gaughan said:
" Gawn. Or Vaughan with a G instead of a V. "
Oh, I was thinking it was like Gowen. With the "ow" being like like OUCH! "
Heh, many people tend to think that. I also get people saying "Go-Gen" too which is incorrect too.
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Gawn. Or Vaughan with a G instead of a V.

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I'm getting the same problem. I've been trying since Thursday and just end up with: "Billing failed. Error creating customer: Declined" After getting in touch with my bank they said that my search code was inputted wrong but then said that they might not have set it up for debit cards or something, they weren't very clear. Something to do with debit cards and it not accepting the secret code.

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For me it's paddlesaw, broadsword and moose head.
Used that combo' to get 1000 kills.