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#1 Posted by Gauzy (37 posts) -

@slaps2 said:

@gauzy: No way, man. No mods period. Don't change a texture, and leave every one of the game's flaws intact. It's art, my friend... art. You don't paint teeth on the Mona Lisa.

eh. dark souls without DSfix was a much messier experience. i have no issue modding games for stuff like that. pcgamingwiki lists a decent looking widescreen fix, so that should do the trick.

#2 Posted by Gauzy (37 posts) -

@slaps2 said:

@gauzy: Don't mod games! Play it like the artist intended. George Lucas modded the original trilogy... do you think that was a good idea?

oh i meant stuff like DSFix for Dark Souls or any widescreen patches, not 'give me lightsaber of +9999 sith slaying'. that sort of thing.

#3 Posted by Gauzy (37 posts) -

should i play the KOTOR games in order? any 'must have' mods or stuff like that?

EDIT: thought I had KOTOR - apparently not:( they're cheap though, but for the same price i might just wait for transistor.

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I own the kotors, but never finished them. most of the other stuff mentioned i either already have (xcom) or aren't my cup of tea (warframe).

will start redownloading kotor now:) star wars isn't bad, a little more hardfi would be nice, but i'm a fan just the same.

#5 Edited by Gauzy (37 posts) -

thanks for the suggestions, all. E.Y.E. looks...interesting - i'll check out the QL.

krater was fun, really neat setting but yeah, it does get pretty repetitive.

shadowrun is another good example of the setting, i enjoyed that.

hard reset was fun if a little bland.

space siege is the one game that always comes up in this sort of discussion, i kind of wish there were more like it.

what i'd love is a game like the first dragon age. assemble your party, go visit new places, make friends, influence people. you know, just with kinetic shields instead of bucklers and plasma rifles and railguns instead of crossbows.

edit: played borderlands 1&2, looking forward to the presequel.

#6 Posted by Gauzy (37 posts) -

@slaps2 said:

Have you played the fallout games? (Probably a dumb question)

yeah, i have. i'm looking for something a bit less story heavy, more straightforward, but that's definitely the right genre/setting.

i checked out star ocean - looks like it's 360 only?

#7 Posted by Gauzy (37 posts) -

Like the title suggests. As far as setting, more or less any scifi/alternate reality. As far as gameplay, a Diablo-esque clickfest would be fine, but also stuff along the lines of Dragon Age 1, Witcher series, Kingdoms of Amalur, Mass Effect, Deus Ex. I find that most games like this have fantasy backgrounds, which is fine, but I wanna allocate points into Laser mastery and spec my jetpack trooper into Afterburners. I played through Mars: War Logs and that scratched the itch for a bit. Steam/PC preferred. Any recommendations?

#8 Posted by Gauzy (37 posts) -

@winsord said:

With Screen Space Reflections off, PhysX options off, and playing the DX11 version of the game on a 7870, I'm getting 60FPS without it dropping lower than 57/58. If you're having framerate issues, definitely make sure to try turning PhysX and SSR off

This is working for me - I'm on a 570 and it's running fine in DX11. My bigger complaint is that in addition to the Steam overlay not working in DX11, every screenshot I take is just a blank screen:(

#9 Edited by Gauzy (37 posts) -

Added you as a friend. Not sure I see a way to whisper, so I've been group inviting you to chat and ask for for an invite. I *think* you might be away, since my friend request is pending and there's a weird little red symbol by your name. Account name is Gauzy, I'm Miles Kilo in game.

#10 Posted by Gauzy (37 posts) -

Seems to all make sense - nice work.

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