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@patrickklepek One thing I have always wanted to see investigated in games like Candy Crush is how the suggested move is actually provided. I have run into situations where I have only one move left and one clear move to finish a board, but the game actually suggests a different move. While the game shouldn't always tell you the "right" or "best" move, it also shouldn't suggest an obviously "wrong" move, thus causing you to fail a level and be brought to a screen to buy more moves. At best, this seems disingenuous or dishonest, at worst, I wonder if it is flat-out fraudulent.

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I played a bit back when it came out (up to level 25 or so) and will be getting back in when it goes F2P. Never had an issue with it, but wasn't playing it enough to justify $15/month.

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looks like not available in US just yet. tried to buy and was told i was not in a serviced country (EU store)

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yeah, but sometimes you want to finish a track regardless of the time to see the rest and plan your next run.

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Not sure if anyone else agrees, but it seems that about 90% of the time i crash, i end up facing the wrong way. It seems to happen way too often. Just wondering if anyone else noticed the same thing, or maybe it's just me.

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Bakhtanians: Well, you know, there are layers here, if you think about this. There are layers of ethics. There are people who are racist and commit hate crimes, right? And then there are people who are racist but they have tons of friends of all colors and they have deep love for those friends. Do you think those people are one and the same? Absolutely not.

I don't think he knows what the word racist actually means. What a dipshit!

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the shooting took me a couple of minute to work through, but after that, i was doing fine. Loved the demo and will be adding it to my vita library.

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Loved the anchor... Dana is off tonight because he was murdered. Awesome!

And who needs 40 seconds when 4 will do:

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I have three very popular ones that I could not get into: Limbo, Mass Effect (1&2) and Half Life (played on 360 and maybe I got to it too late). Never finished Half Life or Limbo. Finished both Mass Effects and really don't see the dedication that people have to the franchise.

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should be a ringtone. They would make a fortune on it.