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@arawk: It's no Funky Barn but it'll do.

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@ghostchant: Anything under 2 GHZ is underclocking the Jaguar CPU. So they're just underclocking it less now. 1.6 GHZ was considered the sweet spot for cooling purposes, but now we can assume they're confident enough in their cooling setup that they can crank it up to 1.75 GHZ.

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I've fixed this problem countless times while working on other people's Xboxes. You need to open up your console, open the DVD drive, and then replace the rubber DVD drive belt. This is literally the easiest repair to do. The best thing to use as a replacement is a tiny rubber hair tie that looks like this:

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@Suedehead: I don't know about that, but I do know FUCK BOSTON.

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There is an error in the article. Destiny #1 is to appear on 360 and 720, according to the document.

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@JM12088: You should really read up on the situation before posting. The MMO has been in development since 2006 (long before Amalur), so getting the project to market is literally the company's only hope at staying afloat.

Moreover, Amalur was profitable, but evidently not profitable enough to fund 6+ years of MMO development.

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Thanks for following up on this, Patrick! There really needs to be more of a fuss made about it, or else MIcrosoft won't do thing about it. It's crazy that they haven't at least temporarily discontinued the FIFA Ultimate Team thing in response. Maybe they're waiting until after the holidays?

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@Rexicon said:

@bybeach: Could you possibly elaborate on what "the duke game you were waiting for" would look like.

For me, its one where Duke is horribly depressed and miserable because hes a horrible misanthrope with no internal filter and sociopathic tendencies. Then its a story of redemption and growth, where Duke comes to terms with his horrible nature and sacrifices himself.

An old man dies, a young girl lives.

(For the record, Duke will never be this and instead will be creepy tit jokes.)

Wait, isn't this exactly what Jeff described on a Bombcast once?

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@FLStyle: And Random PC Game. And Load Our Last Save.

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@LordAndrew: Don't worry, that shit stays there.
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