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Alex's ramblings sound so damn good when they're in print. If only he didn't talk exactly as he writes....his stilted, meme-laden  prose is such that it should never be spoken aloud.

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Don't skimp on the case. In fact, it might be advisable to go with a case/psu combo, as you'll end up with a better case and a comparable power supply for about the same amount.

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I can't even make out the lyrics to the jingle - "Monday, Monday, Monday, Monday,  Monday, Monday, Monday, Monday, better than the rest of the week"? Or maybe it's "drunk for the rest of the week"?

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Sooo, where the hell is all the content? Whats going on here? I'm your client and I demand content!

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@Laketown:  Have you read the story? It says they're not profiting off Case Zero. Now how is paid content going to do a better job at selling the final game than a free demo?
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From a business standpoint, this price point is silly. I thought the whole idea was to attract the impulse buyers who might not buy the full product. At this price, they won't make any more money and they won't sell any more copies of the full product. Hell, it might even discourage people who would have otherwise bought the full game. I just don't see the point of doing this if they're not going to profit. 

 If the point of Case Zero is to sell more of the final game, then I think they should have just gone with a free demo. Nonetheless, I'll buy it as I want Dead Rising 2 asap.

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I've never won anything, but what the heck!

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Yeah, I've gotta take my insulin shot, but I want to take it while watching VJ-18, I won't take it without watching the video. So put up the damn video so I won't slip into a coma!!
I wonder if they even know it's not up. They probably assumed it went up just fine.

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Nice touch in maintaining spelling error parity with the other thread title. *slow clap*

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Friggin' awesome, you guys. I just watched both and I can't wait to see more! You guys should talk with the Xbox Live guys about putting your 360 Quicklooks on XBL. 
As far as changing the audio, I'm sure it was partly because of the condensed format and partly because the Halo nerds had rage-fits about the guys not knowing all the details.