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Space Harrier

Re: your first comic up there. Didn't Slash absolutely suck at Guitar Hero?

Yeah, you're absolutely right - but I didn't want to go to the trouble of drawing that costume of his :) </lazycartoonist>

Here's my Space Harrier comic, I always had a soft spot for that big Easter Island head thing -

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@evo: Thanks for the kind words. Here's a comic about poor old Alex Kidd:

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OH. I just realised what I want to see from content around Pax AUS.

I just want them to go to an EBGames or JB-Hifi and walk around the game shelves looking at the prices and reacting.

They aren't anywhere near as bad as they used to be, but a guerrilla-style video would be awesome.


Also: Boot up an Xbox 360 and see what LIVE is like outside of the States.

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@Kaiserreich: Here you go, a Blast Corps comic for you, m'man!

Keep the ideas coming, you guys! I'm just getting started :)

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@brainboy77: Well...while this isn't strictly a DK64 comic...I'm getting closer to it :)