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LoL has made specific efforts this past year to making supporting actually fun. If that's your preferred role, then LoL is the way to go.

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Here's the way I see it.

We started with Jeff, Ryan, Vinny and Brad. That's a pretty firm base right there, and it was proven by years of incredible content aided by a wealth of experience to back it up. Ryan died. To say absolutely nothing of the unfathomable tragedy of the situation, we were one core member down. Vinny had a child and, more than understandably, moved back to New York to raise his child near his family. We go one more core member down.

We're left with Jeff and Brad as the only "core members" left in San Francisco. It's easy to see Jeff's priority as re-establishing a base of experience and knowledge, rather than taking a risk, especially with so few "veterans" that Jeff was as comfortable with.

In my mind, Dan is almost designed to take the place of a new Ryan (it felt horrible to type that). An experienced co-host that can bounce off Jeff and serve as a constant, known quantity. With a base of Jeff, Dan and Brad, they can build off of that in the future with "riskier" hires, they've done it before, I mean years ago when we had our "core group" of 4 and a growing site, they hired Patrick. He was pretty fresh-faced compared to what we were used to, but he added a new flavour that, while met with opposition, was far from a safe choice.

I realise I may have been very blunt/morbid here (obviously Ryan's death was much more than just "one man down", it broke all of our hearts) but I just think maybe people are reading into this decision the wrong way.

All that being said, the bigger conversation this has triggered is an important one. I fully admit, I'm not well-versed enough on that topic to contribute to it, but on the subject of the new GB hires, I do see more than 1 side to the story, I just kinda wish more people did too.

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Manchester, UK

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@exiledvip3r said:

Just because you (rhetorically) run a Windows computer doesn't mean your computer is best suited to, or only capable of, running Microsoft Word.

Well said :)

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The video game BAFTAs are where it's at if you want a dignified, classy affair.

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I feel sick. Devastated.

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@jgf: I didn't know what those P numbers corresponded to, I just set it to performance level [2], clicked apply "clocks and voltage" and nothing seemed to happen so I put a bit of Diablo on, played it for a good 15 minutes and the framerate wasn't great, lowered the resolution, lowered the graphics and then when the action hotted up, screen captured the NVIDIA Inspector. This is what the settings were when I had the most action going on on screen at 20FPS on the lowest possible settings:

Edit: I restarted and tried it out. Upon applying the new clock settings the P-state switched to P0 for a few seconds then went immediately to P12

Edit #2: Wow! So I got Diablo 3 to run at the overclocked settings and it was glorious! Haha. 30FPS constant at almost the highest settings, the GPU got hotter obviously, around 80 degrees after a good 45 minutes of playing, which is good enough, it cools down super quickly now as well, so all I need to do is alt-tab for a minute to cool it back down. I changed one of the power settings that I read from another forum may help. I went to advanced power settings and changed the system cooling policy to "passive". I'm not sure if that's what did it, or the restart, but for whatever reason I just had almost an hours worth of lagless, pretty Diablo and I'm on cloud nine :D

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@wasabicurry: Here's what happened when I opened Nvidia Inspector and clicked "Apply defaults", is this better?. I can't test it out with a game just yet, will do it soon.

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@wasabicurry: My drivers for my GPU are up to date, 314.22 to be precise, and I did a clean install when I updated them. I can reinstall it though and make sure.

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@wasabicurry: @clstirens: Right, I'm awake! Did a bit more testing, tried Diablo 3 and a longer, more intense game of Starcraft and the temperatures are holding between the mid and high 50s during gaming :D The clock speeds remain unchanged from last night though, underclocked/throttled to 203 and 405. Seems like after fixing my temperatures, sorting this bit out should be the easy part right... Right?! Please god tell me I'm right =_=

@ben_h: Thanks duder, it seems like a lot of people have similar trouble with Acers, and this model of laptop in particular, and I can certainly see why after taking it apart, seems like it was made by some kind of evil mastermind. I seem to be able to play Starcraft on low settings right now, which is... something, but as you say, even integrated graphics should be doing a decent job of the game, so I'm still a little miffed.

@zfubarz:Yeah, screw taking this thing apart next time the fan feels a little dusty, I'm just gonna nuke the hell out of it with compressed air! I was surprised at how satisfying it was to use yesterday actually.