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I'd be very grateful if I could get into the preview programme my gamertag is Berroclese

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I'd say yes but there is also stuff on uk that us does not get

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First of all sorry for the blatant plug but we've been working on this for a while and I really want to get the word out.

A few friends and I have started a website based around entertainment reviews and opinions and I'm hoping it may interest the fine people of the UKFF.

We review Video Games Movies Music Books and anything else that takes our fancy at

[link removed]

Really hope you guys take a look and we are grateful for any feedback you may have

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RIP Ryan wish I could do something to make this easier for the people who loved you most

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Hello there as a avid listener of the Bombcast a few friends and I decided to have a shot at making our own I was wondering if you fine Duders would care to comment.

On this episode we discuss the upcoming Eurogamer Expo and what we are looking forward to seeing there

Really hope that you guys will take a look

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@Nadafinga: I have sent them a message as well as going through with another purchase because...well giant bomb is worth it

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just sent off money and realised that I not only gave the wrong email address but I gave one that didn't exist. there goes money down the drain :(

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thanks guys

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hey guys I was wondering in the box for diablo 3 had a code to download the game? as after I bought it I left my copy in my friends bag while we went to see the avengers naturally I forgot it and it'd be much easier to just get him to email me a code as he lives a while away

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run minecraft all the way through and keep reporting back between games of starhawk

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