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Ryan Davis, you will be sorely missed

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@Brad Nicholson said:

 "But at the end of the day, people steal PC games"

Even if the level of entry for enabling piracy on consoles is a bit higher, there is still a lot of piracy on all platforms. Its about the person using the platform, not the platform itself. 
in short, "People steal games", not just PC games.
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Upon making my way to school today I saw this poster and was suprised to know that a new Castlevania is coming out tomorrow!

 Castlevania - The Concert Stockholms Concerthouse 19th of February 2010 Tickets at

I never said it was a video game ;)
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Seems odd that you would do a Quick Look of both the demo AND the full game.. Oh well, the more videos the better. Cheers duders!

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Well I dont know about you but my experiences with PS3 and .mkv's havent been good and from what I know this hasn't been updated in the PS3 firmware. I might be wrong, as it has been a while since I tried it and got a "Unsupported Data" message.
Never said you need anything powerful to stream, I am fully aware that the quality of hardware you get for 200$ is quite low if you buy a PC but very high if you buy a console. But my point is that even if you get better hardware when buying a console you don't have the freedom to do as much with it as you can a PC. Thanks to the the freedom a PC offers, you can stream stuff directly to your consoles. Can you do this the other way around?
Of course you wouldn't want to but that is besides the point. Could you code your own programs or find custom skins or wallpapers for your console? What I'm getting at is that companies want to limit the freedom the user has which is understandable but most people prefer freedom. 
Freedom however, is exploited and piracy is something that needs to be taken care of on both consoles and PCs.
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@bitcloud said:  

 Like I said already, it's about the people I play with, no matter what game, or how it works. I don't know you can think and feel a certain fact, but I'm not one to judge......wait....sure I am.  Oh, my Nullriver Mediallink can stream my Apple Lossless and RAW, PDF, EPS, TGA, PS formats to my PS3. Tversity can do FLAC.  "

 Using software on your PC to stream media to your console of choice is just proving my point that a PC is a lot better when it comes to fixing codec problems. Getting .RAW, .FLAC and the likes to work on a console (without the use of any other hardware) is near impossible. If you have a PC or mod it then sure you can get around it, then there are hundreds of solutions.
When it comes to playing on servers and with friends, I find it's hard to pinpoint what it is I like about servers but I guess they resemble pubs in real life. You and your friends go there from time to time and you meet other people who you might not know as closlely and you get to meet new people. Now I also enjoy playing other games with friends and I love Valve for their Steam service which has both of those features. Just becuase you have servers doesn't mean you can't have a friends list as well.
And sometimes you pick up a game that none of your friends have and you either hope you meet someone in match-made servers or you find a favourite server and start to befriend the people on it. Just two different ways of doing it, both are valid ways.
Finally, I never said that my views on online gaming and friends system were facts. They were merely my opinions and should obviously be treated with criticism.
Simon 'Thermodynamics-is-going-to-kill-me-if-maths-doesn't' Grunditz
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@bitcloud said:
" Change containers from mkv to vob, you fail. Credibility lost.   Putting out formats that no on uses and being too stupid to convert a picture or music file is not my fault.  More pros then cons by my decision to go PS3 and ditching out on PC. As much as both PS3 and 360 are consoles, don't confuse thee shitty way MS does things with Sony.  PSN will never cost a sub fee, because Sony isn't stupid and they even have an open policy about their online PCs. Sony allows for private dedicated servers, mods, kb/m support in any game. Any 1st party game that needs it also gets full dedicated server support. Your comment about playing with friends on a server that you wanted to play with more. Adding them to your friends list beatss just playing on that server. When did the server matter more then the people? You would add them to Xfire and maybe play other games as well with them.   The audience that went for PCs has been cut into by consoles ever since PC only devs in the past have gone to the console side. "
First off, thanks for being an asshole by assuiming i'm technologically retarded and that I have no experience with PCs or consoles. I am fully aware that you can convert your files to get them to work on consoles but you obviously missed the whole "It's easier to fix on the PC"-point of bringing those up. Let me make a clear example:
You can either convert all your .flac music into .wav files so your windows media player can play them OR you download a player that can handle .flac. Not only does this save you a bunch of time (converting takes time) and you won't lose any quality. I am not saying it is impossible to get videos playable on consoles but it requires more work.
Again, you obvisouly have difficulty reading since I stated "What if?" meaning it was a hypothetical scenario so to clarify for you I don't think PSN will get a subscription fee, the xbox live wont double in price and the wii codes surely wont become 5 times as long. The questions were formed to get the reader thinking and him realize that there is little one could do to stop such things.
When I play games online I usually have a few servers that are my favourites and where most of my friends play. I enjoy this much more than having to manage friends list and making parties to go and play games. All servers have different settings and player limits and what settings you like differ greatly from person to person. Again, this is what I think and feel. You obviously have a different view and thats fine.
Thanks for attempting to contribute to the topic....
~Simon 'Can't-wait-for-the-l4d2-demo' Grunditz
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@Hannibal said:
" I'm probably going to cut and paste this into every one of these bitching threads, but this is the first, so here we go!  1. Stop using "PC gamer" as a synonym for "Dedicated server enthusiast." As a PC gamer who has extensive experience with both dedicated server systems and matchmaking, I can say that I'd rather have matchmaking, but can see and have felt the benefits of both.  2. Just because you have found ways to navigate the dedicated server system, does not mean it is an easy system to navigate. The need to find clean, well-run, low-ping, same-skill servers is immediately eliminated with matchmaking, where you are not fucked over on skill, and not at the mercy of the whims of the server and the people that frequent it. 3. This is not an assault on the glory of humanity. This is a business decision about a single video game. They feel that they can make this game more accessible by having a matchmaking system, they are not insulting you personally. Stop acting like a sin has been committed against you. 4. The game will still be really fun, even without custom rules and a pub-like setting. Refusing to buy it because you consider the dedicated server system to be a hallowed tradition of PC games is masochistic and reactionary. 5. "Go back to your consoles" is not an argument, it's the rallying cry to which the PC game community marches to their own deaths. "
1. The main method of finding games/servers on PCs are by use of a server browser and dedicated servers. This might change along the way but for now the majority of all PC games lack matchmaking.
2. Neither have I said it is easy to fully understand and use a server browser. The same however can be said for a matchmaking system, it all depends on the experience the user has of both different ways of finding servers. The best would obviously be to have BOTH of them meaning that those who want, can manually search for servers and those who want matchmaking can use that. There doesnt have to be the one or the other.
3. Again, I think you are enhancing the material. If we thought this was the worst thing to happen since the WW2 then surely we would be on the streets with signs and making a buzz. Most if not all of us realize that what we want or care doesn't matter that much to the big companies. I fully understand why they have chosen to take the matchmaking route but I still feel its wrong. Making money is not a sin.
4. Not to be rude but how do you KNOW that? I can agree with you that the chances that it WILL be great is big but seeing as it has yet to be released we can't know for sure. Childish statement but not all sequels are as good as the first game.
5. Indeed, it is not an argument but console gamers saying "Who needs dedicated servers anyway?" when they aren't interested in the PC version is just spammy. Sure, they should be able to have their say but since it doesn't effect them can't they stay out of topics that have little relevance to them?
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 @TwoOneFive: Yes, it can be done on consoles. Thats why I said so in my first post although working on a console is harder. Just compare how many PCs are used in companies with how many consoles that are used in the workplace. Not everyone can work with consoles ;)
I could care less about you but I don't go out of my way to say so and just sprout non-sense. Your question is so absurd as well because "who cares?" is basically why this blog-post was made! To see if anyone else feels the same as I and get a debate going. Thanks for your "contribution"....

As for the whole "Make the PC and 360s discs work with each other" its never going to happen. One of the reasons why consoles are so profitable is because pirating is "harder" than on the PC. On the PC its all a matter of software but on some consoles you need to mod your hardware (or have someone else do it) which keeps a large group from pirating. Like I said in my first post, they keep you in their control, their "world". Not only would getting 360 games to work on the PC be stupid from an economic view due to piracy but also because who would buy a 360 then? A lot of families in this day and age have computers and if you could just pop your 360 games in it play online without paying a subscription then why would you ever buy a 360?
 Microsoft would be shooting themselves in the foot, with a double-barrelled harpoon gun.
Anyways, I think this debate is pretty much done but I felt like at least replying to your comments. 
Thank you all for reading/commenting
~Simon 'should-be-studying-for-the-exam' Grunditz

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@MasterOfPenguins_Zell: Didn't know that my blog post would end up in the MW 2 forum. Not my intention to spam those, just wanted to get mind cleared up. Also like someone said earlier, you arent helping by post IN those threads. You are just keeping them alive.
@Baillie: Whats the point in porting a console game directly to the PC when the PC market group have a different taste in games and expect different ways to play them? A gamepad will not convert fully into a mouse and a keayboard, an RTS is never the same on PC and console. 
And "stopping pirates"? You can't stop them and that my friend is a fact. Even a game like WoW has a lot of pirating going on with private servers. I know the companies want the "magic" solution to end of bootlegging of games but most often they give the real consumer a worse product than the pirate who can get the game DRM-free (Bioshock anyone?). 
I am not saying they should stop doing it, quite the contrary, they need to step up their game and make solutions that don't end up hurting the real consumer. I know my ramblings will amount to no change of the game and like I already said in my first post, I will most likely buy the game either way but my enjoyment of the multiplayer part might be lowered depending on how great "this" matchmaking system is. There hasn't ever been a good or decent one yet but who knows?
 Let it be clear that if a company ignores its consumers, then it is going to go under in the long-run.
You suggested a solution that works on the PC which just furthers my point that the PC is better when it comes to tweaking etc but if you ONLY had a PC or a console then your problem would be a lot harder to solve. With PS3 Media Server you have to keep your PC up and going all the time. I don't know about you but those 200gb on my PS3 could always house those files.
 Lets try to keep this debate going shall we?
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