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So it's been almost four days now and the only thing that's happened is the developer saying they ran out of CD Keys. This is pretty poor.

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So I bought Digital Combat Simulator: A-10C Warthog about 9 hours ago and upon instillation received the error Failed to Contact Key Sever. Every other person who has bought the game today on the Steam Sale has received the same message. Basically, Steam has run out of CD Keys for the game. This is kind of ridiculous right? I mean I purchased the game, and I can't even play it. Am I in the wrong here for being a little upset?

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Title speaks for itself. Got the ending spoiled for me from the Bombcast--not complaining, knew what I was getting into--and was wondering if I should still play the game? Was thinking about bumping the game down to easy and just cruising through it. Thoughts?

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No XCOM is not about the story. You should play it anyway. Also, Borderlands 2 has a really great subplot about pizza spheres. Or maybe that was the bombcast.

Already played a bit of XCOM but lost my saves when I built a new PC earlier this month (Just goddamn save into the install location...). I need to play more of it but would rather get story focused games out of the way first if possible.

Right now I'm worrying about Sleeping Dogs and Dishonoured.

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As someone who attended Sandy Hook Elementary and lives in Newtown, this whole situation is just awful. Everything.

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So I just started my second year in college and brought my new gaming rig up. I built this thing back on the 4th of July weekend and it has been running great until today. I plug it in once I get setup in my dorm room and it just gets stuck at the motherboard splash screen during bootup. I've tried unplugging RAM, HDD to no avail, have unplugged the system and don't have any idea why this is happening. It is extraordinarily hot in my room but I don't think heat is the issue. Any ideas?

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Adventure Time is the shit.

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Back in the Arrow Pointing Down days, I got seriously into energy drinks. I miss you Gatorade Tiger.

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Good for you guys. You will feel a lot better about yourself and in your everyday life even just by losing a few pounds. I did.